Why I deleted my Ancestry DNA videos + Channel VLOGS, dating, etc

Why I deleted my Ancestry DNA videos + Channel VLOGS, dating, etc

In this video I talk about why I deleted my Ancestry DNA videos and discuss what the direction of this channel will be. So welcome to my channel.



  1. You're not responsible for the hate comments of ignorant people. Just delete them.

  2. I was interested in your essential tremor journey. Just wanted to say Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are a sweet young lady. And your attitude is outstanding.

  4. I only subscribed to see your parents DNA after watching you and your brother’s. Sort of misleading to find out it doesn’t exist. All you have to do is delete negative comments or ignore.

  5. Keep up the positive vibes girl. But remember, people are going to be who they are. Your loyal subbies will love your videos, so taking them down because people want to act silly punishes the ones who really enjoy your videos. Don't let them get to you….

  6. Was the hateful comments from africans?

  7. School and your major or career goals. Intership or externship. Resume writing, interview outfit. Reading and latest play you've seen. You interest in outdoor sports or indoor. Just a few topics. 🙂

  8. Sorry you had to experience the negativity!! Glad your on the up and up!! Great positive vibes girl!! Keep it up!! New subbie!! Great video beautiful!! ?

  9. I can understand that u want positivity but ppl will be ignorant and hate all the time u shouldn't delete ur videos because of them I think thats part of what they want..

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