1. Why were you so blah about the African portion?

  2. I'm to the impression that back in the day a lot of folks who may have been mixed black & white would call themselves native american because it was easier to navigate society (at the time) as a native person than it was as someone who was black. There was a long part of history where certain indigenous nations had more legal privilege than black folks, and a lot of Cherokee folks who actually had slaves. this obviously wasn't a universal or continuous thing, and there's a lot of variables, but I think this is why a lot of folks of different races in the USA and Canada who end up thinking they have some kind of Cherokee heritage or other indigenous heritage when the reality is a little skewed. DNA doesn't lie, but people often have to in order to survive.
    also, it's very possible you're still at least an eighth native american. we don't inherit geographical DNA markers in exact percentages and in extreme cases you might not even inherit any of the DNA a grandparent has, because the random DNA from that parent you inherited DNA from happened to shuffle them out. that's really rare – but basically my point is that DNA isn't going to give you exact percentages of what you are if you're mixed. also Ancestry DNA is a little more European-centric too. I mean it might be nothing, but I wouldn't necessarily rule anything out. uploading your results to GEDmatch might also help if you're more curious, it's helped me narrow stuff down anyway. it can be pretty confusing to use though

  3. Your a beautiful mixed girl nice mixture.I'm not getting a test done in scared and I dont want to know.

  4. Looking at you I thought you'd be wayyyy more indigenous! First thing that came to mind when I saw you was "Afro-Indigenous!"

  5. Thanks for sharing your results. And you know what, you resemble a Filipina I knew in high school. Amazing how different mixes of ancestries can make a person appear phenotypically like someone from another region in the world.

  6. Omg I would have never guessed 52% European!! Check out my video on my channel 🙂

  7. Your results are soooo similar to mine! I plan to post my results video Monday if you want to check it out! 🙂

  8. This is such a cool idea! Shame it costs so much :/
    Might do this when I get home from travels! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Great video and great results.. thanks for sharing

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