Who Is She?! My Ancestry DNA Results

Who Is She?! My Ancestry DNA Results

Hello Dolls and Welcome to my channel!! This is my first YouTube video and what better way to start than a personal video so that you all can get to know me. Please enjoy as I learn more about myself and you all learn about me!

Stay tuned for the video on this Ali Express Peruvian Curly Wig coming soon…

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  1. 65% Nigerian here ☺️ Irish ☘️ , Asian and Portuguese. 1% Native American isn’t gonna change your cheeks sweety, that’s from your Afro roots .

  2. You are dropdead gorgeous, wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a beautiful example of the Human Race.

  3. You are a Fulani girl. Once I saw your face, I said it and your result confirms it. They are nomadic people that initially came from Futa Djallon Island (in present day Guinea) and now spread all over Africa but principally in Nigeria and Mali. They also had quite a sizable contigent to the 'new world' during the trans-atlantic slave trade but they were not captured as much as many other tribes like Yorubas, Igbos, Madingos etc. If you have seen the movie 'Prince among slaves', the subject of it was a Fulani Prince who was captured and brought to the America. They are now predominantly muslims and their major occupation remains cattle rearing. Good luck finding out more about your culture, your people. My Son is half-Fulani so I guess I have the right to say Welcome to you even if I am not Fulani.

  4. You don’t have high cheekbones, like at alll … You are beautiful but you don’t have high cheekbones at all ..

  5. Lots of ignorance in the comments. DNA genotype and Phenotype are not the same. Tyra banks looks very mixed and has Eurocentric features with light eyes, yet she has 85% SSA DNA. Not all of our DNA is expressed in our physical traits. Hence two darker skinned people with kinky hair having a child of any complexion with loosely curled textured hair.

  6. yoruba tribe in Nigeria have high cheekbones, high cheekbone is not reserve native america only (google it sister)

  7. I'm noticing when they say "South Central Hunter Gatherers Bantu" It's really Angola. I mean, the first kidnapped Africans brought to America were Angolan. But they mixed that region with all of Southern African.

  8. Yeah only a small minority of African-Americans have Native American since almost all Native Americans owned slaves.

  9. The kicker is Africans are the first Americans.

  10. 1% Native doesn't mean you got their cheekbones… what a stereotype.

  11. Wow she's more black lol it's very hard to see African American with that high number 91%

  12. You are not Irish and you'll look so stupid representing Irish. Please sis no

  13. Hunter gatherers refer to the period.all human before the agricultural revolution were Hunter gatherers ..

  14. I see you got a little bit hunter and gatherer in you also.LMBO!

  15. I was adopted. I knew that I was biracial. I had my DNA done. 48% Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6% Iberian Peninsula, 5% German. I am glad to know. It doesn’t change anything. Just like to know. ????

  16. Actually I am here because of your super cute nose, lips, eyes, complexion, etc. Sorry. …your voice and attitude is nice as well. Didn't know that about Nigeria; wow, learnt something unintentionally. 🙂

  17. It's cool your 91% that's the highest I've seen so far for A-A. Your family must have been fighters. Must be that African princess warrior blood! lmao. I thought you would be low 80%.

  18. Ancestry and other DNA companies don't test for specific Native tribes in America because most tribes refuse to submit to any testing. If you look up Natives in Canada and the DNA of full blooded Eskimo's it'll show they have majority of Central Asian or east asian though they are Native American and mostly unmixed. A ancestry geneticist for AncestryDNA confirmed years ago that central asian or east asian DNA in African-Americans are strong indicators to Native American ancestry. It's funny to see people get excited over Native American popping up when really it's kind of misleading and a big misunderstanding to most people since most of these places only test regions for any connections and not for specific tribes.

  19. I think it would be cool if she takes pride in any and all of her ancestry i get annoyed when blacks see European and exspecialy Irish in them and they always pretty much piss on them and say it’s rap when Irish was forced to be slaves too in Caribbean’s and in America and if there was any force it would been the Irish being forced to mix with blacks so the masters can sell them off or keep them. Not saying rap never happen but it’s not like how people spread anti white African cost shit tons more then the Irish did Irish was kidnaped and Africans was bought from King’s and if you Slavs Africans and think there less then human and not equal you wouldn’t want to mix your dna with them and sell ur kids in slavery or slave them ur self and you wouldn’t want to damage the African with rap it really would be pain full and she wouldn’t be able to perform her duties after that and modern blacks use I’m Indian cuz they think there againts the white man so don’t mind saying I have that in me but the truth is Indians slaved Africans and when white people was the first people to end slavery but the Indians fought agains with the confederacy and even after lost they kept there slaves since they don’t have to obey to American laws then later they ended up having to free them people go by to much emotions and not fact of all people history slavery was a humanitarian thing is wasn’t a race bing till democratic started and ended whites and blacks mixing for any reason to sell them baby’s or out of love the out lawed then it got worse from there

  20. Africans have high cheekbones too!!! You are a beautiful black woman. That 1% is null.

  21. I don't care what race you are, you are beautiful ! I hope you are a proverbs 31 woman. that would make you even better. be blessed!

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