Which Genetic Genealogy Company Should You Choose?

Which Genetic Genealogy Company Should You Choose?

Four major companies off genetic tests with the potential to assist in your genealogical research. But which one is right for you? Andy Lee shares an honest review of AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritageDNA and 23 and Me.


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  1. If you go back 6000 years its not gonna tell you if 'the beginning of you' was related to some Sumerian or Akkadian warlord… after awhile that 'portion' of your DNA isnt really relevant anymore – your more current makeup is only relevant.. that ancient part of chromosomal influence doesnt identify or even closely establish what your 'ethnicity' is TODAY. Human sex, acts like a laundering agent, its only immediately relevant for about 500 years or so

  2. Is it better to go to a third party or just cross reference throughout the different companies you mentioned?

  3. I have my AncestryDNA test with LivingDNA And The results related to African Ancestry are absurd,extremely high.I told them how dissapointed I am.I was tested by different companies.

  4. Just wondering why National Geo's DNA (Genographic Project, aka Geno 2.0 Next Generation) test is not listed here? Are they maybe linked with one of the DNA testing companies listed in the video? I tried to research that a bit, but didn't have any luck.

  5. If you are Rh- or Rhesus Negative Blood types…. You are gonna have a hard time getting your DNA done or done right because we are only 10% of the population and 23 and Me and Helix don't have enough subjects giving their DNA spit to make a connection. Please consider not doing the DNA testing if you have AB-, A-, B-, or Type O Negative.

  6. If I am a female and want to know the genetic history of my father who passed away and I have no brother please how do I do that?

  7. Which companies OWN your DNA and sell it to third parties. This is not an objective video. It's a commercial.

  8. Excellent non BS answers to the same questions over and over. I just subscribed and clicked the bell. Less haters than most DNA discussions.

  9. what does it mean when your sister shows up as a cousin rather than a sibling. OR when you do dna test and it shows your cousins as a cousin but your sister doesn't match him. She doesn't even come up as a possible match to my cousin what's this mean?

  10. which company does the DNA journey I found Helix but am not sure any one can help, Thx in advance

  11. This snake oil business is at beast good estimates of ancestors, at worst pure superstition. Likelihood that your Scandinavian ancestor result is right (approximately) is only 46%. So heads or tails. But then there are some exceptions. The likelihood that your Finnish/northwest Russia ancestor results is right is 96%.

  12. I just want to find out about my orgins and don't want it shared with law enforcement or the government.

  13. Pro, can you take a new viedo for recent situations of these gene tesings and companies?

  14. What is the best test if I want to know my genealogy, specifically ethnicity(I am asian), and I want to know about my health risks and chances of passing those onto my future children? Also, it would be nice to know the chances of passing on certain physical/mental traits

  15. I've read that law enforcement agencies tap in to these DNA databases. Do you think they are collecting DNA from everyone that submits samples? I would love to have mine tested for genealogy purposes but, I don't really trust the companies to keep my results private. I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this subject.

  16. What does JEWISH DNA really mean ?. How could a religion have DNA ? someone said that there is no Jewish DNA but more that someone might share a DNA with an region were a lot of Jews live or come from .

  17. Good explanation! I tested with Ancestry and uploaded to GEDMatch. I wonder what most people are hoping to find out by DNA testing. To me, ethnicity means the culture and traditions you grew up with, not what country most of your ancestors are from. You won't automatically find your ancestors by DNA testing. You still have to do some work.

  18. Any newer recommendations?? This video is from March 2017 and my current date is July 2018. Wondering if there are any changes in recommendation? I recently got the 23andMe Full History and Geneaology test on sale for $99. Not too worried about the cost, as it's become a hobby to me, but since it was on sale I thought I'd give it a shot.

  19. Hello. I have Sri Lankan and Iranian blood. Which DNA test would you recommend? Thank you

  20. Don't choose any until you can be sure of anonymity throughout the process. This is dangerous power to keep everyone's DNA as a trading commodity

  21. I'm adopted…. I would simply like to find out what part of Europe I might be from (I really don't care much about the other information given) …. What company would be helpful or most accurate to pin this down….??? Thanks

  22. i done 3 tests with ancestry, 23andme and family tree DNA

  23. I downloaded my raw dna from ancestry to three other sites. Which should I go with?

  24. I had my DNA test done with Ancestors. My. Reads. I'm Native American Indian. It's didn't say anything about me being white at all. How did that happened? I was born in New Jersey

  25. Which one has precise, Balkan dna's. I dont want mine to say 50 % Balkan, but in percentage, how much slavic, albanian, greek.. Since the balkan is really diverse

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