WHERE ARE WE FROM!? | Ancestry DNA Results

WHERE ARE WE FROM!? | Ancestry DNA Results

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  1. Thanks for sharing your AncestryDNA results!

  2. Not sure why Europeans bother taking this test cos it shows they are from same place nothing new or exotic

  3. I took the MyHeritage DNA test in May of this year and found out that I have some of the same ethnicity as you both.

  4. Whats up? Check out my latest videos when you get a chance! Let me know what you think!

  5. This girl looks 100% mexican I dont think she looks british

  6. Me : white, black, brown, and red. So I was looking for a yellow woman, but finally gave up.

  7. Man, you have more % of Eastern European than it shows to you! Keep couple with loght haired girl, then your kids will take colour of your eyes, hair.
    Light colours become less and less in this world!
    Save light coloured generation! ; )

  8. Glad I ran across you two. I was searching folks who share DNA results. Now I'm Subscribed. I'm from Makenna Country. Portsmouth-Ironton, Ohio. I would have guessed Kyle to be the one from here. He literally looks like my Carver's. I am Subscribed to Sharla in Japan, Kim Dao, Taylor R, and Rachel and Jun…all were around Tokyo until very recently.Thought you might be familiar with them. I did 3 Autosomal DNA tests: Family Tree, Ancestry, 23andMe. Rounding them off, I'm about 58% British and Irish with about 70% of that being England; 14% French and German; 7 % Scandanavian (F.Tree gives 26%! but others 5-7%); 2%% Iberian, 1% Finnish, Africa 2_4% and otherwise broadly Northwest Europe. Just wanted to say HI!

  9. The Irish loved that side of their DNA, 14% of blackness… When you leave questions unanswered the people's imagination is open and free to speculate." The comment above is purely speculation".

  10. With a name like Paterson .. I could have told u you were Scottish /Irish

  11. are you melungeon. Like some of the first people who came to the USA from Ireland and Angola?

  12. The thing I don't understand with these DNA tests is that they separate Ireland, Scotland and Wales from great Britain. Its all the same area….. England never appears! DNA testing companies need to buy an Atlas.

  13. The results show your composition, which doesn´t mean necessarily that you are decendent from people of these regions, but your genetics is also found on these places. You can´t separate genetics from the History.

  14. You look very Northern English from yorkshire

  15. Watch these DNA tests the Irish are taking over how could such a small place have everybody has some in them I think it’s a conspiracy we have no Irish in us as far as I know but both my daughters are Irish dancers what’s that about

  16. I can rank this video as one of the weirdest video on Youtude and an horrible sign of immaturity on behalf of McKenna. why on earth would you not embrace who you are? is there an embarrassment for the other regions? I feel a great deal of sadness for you. Clearly, the video came out unbelievably ridiculous. is there some Africa in the rest of regions? you and you alone decided to make your DNA public and then you decide to withhold a part of that information. I don't know what to say but to be amazed at the lack of maturity. Maybe you are one of those who say " I wanna be anything but…". you are not fooling anyone but yourself.

  17. I'm surprised the girl did not get big Africa and Native America percentages! She doesn't look European at all… she has a lot of black and native-american features! Wow.

  18. Fake video. If you bait click people that you will share your DNA test, you share 100% and not 86%. Just on your looks, there is no question you are not 100% White European and definitely have some sort of Asian, African or Middle Eastern genetics. Obviously there must be some sort of family dynamics in play and the reason why you may be ashamed to share everything.

  19. You do like quite British but we all kinda look west European

  20. Wait till you find out how inbred they are period from not moving. When they say tribes they mean Indians in every single culture culture has it that's what Indians are tribes. They don't separated anymore.

  21. It seems that these DNA ancestry test results always show a larger Great Britain % than one would expect.
    First, what is Great Britain ethnicity? Something made up? And, how does DNA testing differentiate Great Britain from Europe West? Is that really possible?
    Second, is this large Great Britain % a plot by Ancestry. com and PBS to get more more anglophile PBS viewers and inflict more silly Downton Abbey "dramas"* and gushing documentaries about ""Our" Queen" on America? ?
    *the dopey plot lines that went nowhere were actually comedic.

  22. 31% Ireland / Scotland / Wales then 18% Great Britain? Yet Wales and Scotland are part of Britain so why separate?
    For all the people this test says that West Europe always includes France and Germany together while France is mainly of Roman influence and Germany of Nordic influence and that it must obligatorily make a difference in their genetics!
    I would not be surprised that in some time a scandal teaches us that these tests are a scam ….

  23. She didn't want to say what the other 14% was…take a guess lol

  24. Can I humbly ask why you guys dont have wedding rings on ?-Im sure youre married but Im just curious.I couldnt see McKennas left hand for any extended period ot time so possibly she does have a ring on.

  25. Is the missing 14% of Makenna's DNA Melungeon? Relatively common in central Appalachia.

  26. If you’re going to post a video and only share 86% at least update in the comments and share the rest of your dna results..

    Of course we want to know where you’re from. Lol. I was totally curious bc you look like you have non white mix.
    Don’t take offense, I was following the journey and was left incomplete LOL!

    Thanks, guys!

  27. Those collections of dots are your genetic community. For Americans that are a big mix of European cultures, their genetic communities often show up in America. For those who are less mixed, their genetic communities are typically outside the USA. For example, mine is in Eastern Europe, despite me being a 3rd generation American.

  28. Please don’t become regular youtubers.
    One recommended video is enough for me.

  29. It seems they only reported the favorable results. Suspect.

  30. She looks more like a Latina than an actual European to me, just my own point of view, no bias.

  31. Lady I recon your Ulster/ Scots (scots/ Irish)  great vlog love it .

  32. Totally annoying people I could not finish watching video the worst dna video I have ever watched.

  33. Well you know, even though it was disappointing, I had to think – It is HER DNA. It could be her family, you know. There were a lot of Black people in America who passed, and they don't want anyone to know their secret. I have relatives who are passing, and they don't want to have anything to do with us, because it would expose their secret. It's very hurtful. She put herself out there by doing the video in the first place. She said that another video will come out soon about the 14%. Y'all sit here and wait for it ya here, and of course, we could be very wrong, and she is doing it to gain more views and subscribers. The cliffhanger, lol.

  34. She looks race mixed. If you calculate all off Europe.14% of her DNA is missing.

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