Finding out our Ancestry DNA results!!! About us – Her: mixed black & white, French-Canadian & Jamaican (unknown specific African roots.) Him: African American (unknown specific African roots.) TIME STAMPS
Him: 1:23 Her: 4:17

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  1. There's no reason anybody should be disrespectful for racial reasons because ancestry is and can be very diverse especially over time so there is no reason for anybody to hate on anybody. I think it is awesome to be able to find out and know where you come from based on your own DNA because you can't fake DNA.

  2. You should totally get parents and grandparents to do the test.

    Thank you for not rambling too much!!!

  3. when I was growing up my friends would tell me things like my grandmother are my great-grandfather was full-blooded Cherokee …. or some other Native American tribe…. I never believed it and I don't to this day I think it's just a myth

  4. God is gathering us back together through any means possible and I am so so glad that I can reach you beautiful ones and hope in my gut that this was not in vain. But, I truly believe that you both are Chosen Ones of our God, b/c I could not sleep until I typed this and I found you both by accident.

  5. Sweeties check out the "IUIC" and get some real history about your "True Ancestry". Hope this helps. You are an Israelite, trust me b/c you came from the same region that the Europeans sold your people into slavery. Check out Holy Bible, Book of Deuteronomy 28:68 and see if that rings a bell. The 12 Tribes of Israel, God's Chosen Ones were scattered into all parts of the world as prophesied in Deuteronomy b/c our ancestors broke God's Laws and were cursed for 400 yrs. From 1619 to 2019. The 2nd Exodus is upon us now. God is punishing all the nations that held us captive. I'm in the U.S., the Tribe of Judah came here.

  6. It's nice to know where you came from but What's really important is where we are headed. We as humans need to better our lives to contribute towards the good of this world.

  7. I'm finding most African American are Irish
    I had a friend who couldn't understand many African Americans celebrating st. partricks day. maybe because they are irish!!!

  8. Girl..you are both black and White ❤?
    Finland is a part of Scandinavia/ Swedish girl


  9. Norris=Norse=Northemen=Vikings

    Norris is an English surname. In some cases it is derived from the Middle English norreis, noreis, norais; and the Anglo-Norman French noreis. In such cases thesurname derived from elements meaning"northerner", and referred to people from Norway, and northern England and Scotlan.
    What nationality is the last name Norris?

    It has three possible origins that have become intertwined over the centuries. The first and most generally applicable to modern-day bearers of the name is ethnic. It derives from the Norman-French pre 10th century word "norreis", meaning a northerner, or more pragmatically a Norseman or what we now know as a Viking.

  10. Guys, I have to tell you. Your video was one of the best about DNA testing. You just took the results with an open heart and genuine joy at the results. I've seen other people disappointed by the percentage they got (not enough black, not enough white, etc…). You were refreshing! And YAY for genetic diversity, you are both very good looking!!

  11. How is that weird? I mean do you have any Idea how many Scandinavians came to the US over the Years?

  12. You two are very cool. Cute couple. Happy you posted this! It has inspired me to do my own test… We shall see.

    I think I am 50% Irish and 50% British. Lol. But, that's what I've been told all my life. Should be interesting! ?

  13. she might be connected to the moores who crossed the sea to portigal and spain and france and such and help them advance…

  14. Shalam.just wanna tell you theres no such thing as mixed you are what your father in his father is.everyone is of seed of man.in she is clearly seed of so called West African black man. judging by her DNA results shalawam!

  15. I had 2 DNA tests done by the same company and I got 2 completely different results. (I was given the tests as gifts so I submitted a second test under a different name so I could get an idea about how accurate they are) .

  16. I took a DNA test years ago and what I found out is that the results are quite misleading.
    Remember, the results are based on the number of people that have actually supplied DNA in each country, so if 500 people in Ireland supplied DNA and 5000 supplied DNA in England, the results will probably give you a higher percentage of matches in England even though your family may have originated in Ireland. So you can't say "Yea I'm English". You're really Irish.
    Remember, the migration of people has a lot to do with your results also. If your family originates in Ireland and the majority migrates to England and prospers there but the remaining Irish dwindle, your results will show you're English when in fact you are Irish.
    So your results do not show you your original nationality only where the majority of your DNA now lives.
    Also out of the hundreds of possible relatives they found for me, only one had my last name .

  17. sounds like you guys have a lot of traveling to do now!!!! so exciting!

  18. Ibrahimovic is actually ethnically Bosnian but was born and raised in Sweden

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