WHAT AM I SHOCKING DNA RESULTS! Ancestry DNA results Am I Greek?! VLOGMAS Day 21

WHAT AM I SHOCKING DNA RESULTS! Ancestry DNA results Am I Greek?! VLOGMAS Day 21

What am I shocking DNA results! In today’s video I get my ancestry DNA results and my boyfriend gets his results too! Find out the most shocking DNA results and fine out what I am! Am I Greek? Am I Polish? Am I Asian? Am I African? Our Ancestry DNA results are definitely shocking & I’m happy we did the Ancestry DNA kit to find out our ancestor background. & Then I pick up Andre and he speaks in a Mexican accent all night and it’s the funniest thing ever, making this one of the funniest vlogs ever! I look when Andre speaks in different accents, sometimes its a British accent, but he’s so good at them!
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  1. Albania can be a part of Europe East, southern part, is that not by Greece ?, she should upload her results to Gedmatch and WeGene,for more specifics,but she looks from the Balkan,Yugoslavia or Bulgarian,South East Euro area and those people can be mixed with Celtic as are the Greeks

  2. Well i am a Greek and i am baby white like most greeks. You look much darker in skin than me and a lot of Greeks. I don't know why people think we are dark. Maybe cause famous Greeks do solarium and most people in summer go to sea to tan. We just love sun. This is TAN people!

  3. She is actually 90% SLAVIC … what FAKE-NEW-GREEK racists HATE and DESPISE the most.  YOU ARE SLAVIC.

  4. aaaaahhhh ya fucking mongrel ….τστστστσ γεμιασμε μπασταδρια τστστσ χμμμμ

  5. I wouldn't of been surprised if you had 50% DNA Annoying !

  6. You don't have the nose or the dark skin to be Greek I would have said Eastern European looking at you!

  7. Γιατί πάντα κάνετε βίντεο με την Ελλάδα έλεος πια όποιος το κατάλαβε +1 like χαχαχα

  8. Oh! Come on. This isn't Facebook sweetheart! We don't care about what you share what your boyfriend etc. If you got a Greek relative it would be a bummer because they forcefully want to brainwash children into pressure of being 100% Greek and forget the rest of the other ancestry which is poison. forceful barbarians.

  9. you're slavic not greek, greeks are not white

  10. Why so sad? What is so bad in having 100% European (white) ancestry? Sorry to say this but you are stupid.

  11. If ur Greek that means your Shqipetar Arvanitis Albania .. Anatolian Greek or so called Greeks today are only 3% Greek.. before they migrated to Greece there was no other language spoken in Graecia.. ur Sllavic.. ur not Old Greek.. we Albanian are 70 to 80% Old Greek and Italian. Italian means Toskany.. before Roman Empire..

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