What Am I Mixed With? | Ancestry DNA Results!

What Am I Mixed With? | Ancestry DNA Results!

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The results are in!!!

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  1. I’m curious, this looks like you gave us the overview but do the results get more specific than saying Ghana, or Nigeria etc? Because the time that your ancestors would have been in those regions, those countries didn’t exist. Then deeper than that, to use the example of Nigeria, there’s a difference between being Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba, culturally but also these groups look different. Also, one final question, someone told me that when you use these DNA services that the company actually keeps your DNA profile on record, indefinitely, do you know if that’s true?

  2. 31% is too high to come from slavery. That means that you're mom was likely 60%+ European and one of her parents was full blown European. This means that you have a full blooded European ancestor born well after 1900. So it's quite possible that it was a love story after all.

  3. Louisiana Creoles have African, French, Spanish, and/or Native American.

    For Louisiana Creoles who are curious that why many of them have more “Great Britain” than “Europe West” is because “Great Britain” shows up on many French peoples’ DNA results

  4. Before the results begin. I’d assume:
    65-75% African
    25-35% European
    Maybe 0-5% Native American

  5. I have European in me too but I didn't get mad I am proud of all of my heritage I am even in contact with my white relatives too as well as my black relatives

  6. I'm 100% African Nigerian especially but born in Ivory coast and reside in the US

  7. Don't be so sure there wasn't a lot of love from your European side. Everyone is different – look at the love you have.

  8. I always tell my friends that we aren't 100% African because there was a chance the slave owners raped someone down the line. They all thought I was stupid. Hun, I'm right. Besides, I never met a light skinned African like c'mon Hun, down the line somewhere you're mixed with something. Try me.

  9. Are you teaching in Florida? What is the difference from America and Korea?

  10. I'd like to suggest you upload your raw dna from Ancestry to Gedmatch.com-Dnaland.com and Wegene.com for free and they give you more information on where you come from. Wegene is a Chinese based dna company and they will pick it up if you have any dna from the area.

  11. Truth is we are all Mixed Up! Humans been intermixing for thousands of years!

  12. THE SQUINTED EYES THING…Asians get that from us Africans not the other way around, so you probably have heritage of the San people

  13. I got 61% African. I look like I came straight from Africa though. Just got good hair lol. My parents are Latino. Mom is Cuban and Dominican. Dad is AfroBrazilian.

  14. Your eyes probably come from the Kenya part of Africa.

  15. I am really surprised you have so much British dna and yet zero Scandinavian. Either the test is wrong or you are really pure British! Probably more pure than the majority of native Brits!
    300 years of viking raids left a Scandinavian dna imprint in most so your British ancestor must have been from deep isolated parts that didn't mix much. Maybe deepest Wales or Highland Scotland?

  16. So you're basically biracial. Guess I was wrong with the Asian

  17. Before you speak Ill say a good amount of Asian.maybe Chinese

  18. Did you take a MtDNA haplogroup test? If not don't stop there. The admixture test just shows who your ancestral mothers MIXED with over centuries as far as the men she mated with and had children with. Haplogroups are clearcut. Many black Americans believe they come from an unknown African slave woman imported to America during slavery. Not true. Many black Americans are coming up with European Haplogroup H in their haplogroup and high levels of African admixture on admixture tests, which is what you have. H stands for Hellenistic =Ancient Greek period. I am sure you can put two and two together. If you do not belong to an African haplogroup then you are not an African, your maternal ancestors just admixed with African men. Most of these ancient people did not just die and were wiped off the face of the earth some of us descend from them.

  19. I love and appreciate your reaction to your African DNA! I don't see that reaction a lot! Most people get hyped if they get a small percentage of European DNA as if thats the only thing that validates them.

  20. Take a 23andMe test, too. My Asian or Native American didn't show up on Ancestry, either. I did get West Asian, mine was Caucasus, buy my mom got Asia Central, and West Asian, on Ancestry. Then, on 23andMe, I got Southeast and East Asian. I was just like you, because I thought I would have some too, because of my features. I think the Asian is related to the fact that my mom shows up about 14% Eastern European, Slavic, Balkan, Finnish, and Siberian, on GEDMatch and DNA.Land. I got Finnish, Eastern, and Balkan. So, the Asian is related to that and the Native American. On my dad's side… I'm half West Indian, though. Lol.

  21. I'm guessing your a coloured quadroon 65-79% African.

  22. Annyeonghaseyo, Melody! What is that dope little jingle that plays whenever you say "…you aaaaalready know!" at the beginning of your videos? I must have it! 🙂

  23. I love the zest, detail AND beautiful delivery…keep-keepN-on!!

  24. Nigeria…tribe of Judah…look it up girl

  25. I was really close guessing your african percentage. I guess 65% so I was off by 2%

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