Ancestry DNA Test Results! WHAT’S YOUR ETHNICITY? Comment below! Ancestry DNA $$ off: https://goo.gl/RQMk93 Today we’re gonna find out what I ACTUALLY AM! Along with my friend Raki too! Everyone asks me this ALL the time! Asian? Black?? White? In this video, I’ll be talking to you guys about the differences between ethnicity and race, along with what ethnicities I actually am! What I talk about in this video are my experiences and my opinions about different things regarding ethnicity and race. Some African-American may be almost full African, very rare but it happens and others have more European ancestry. As a child I grew up ~going along~ with the one drop rule but as I got older, I realized that actually has no logic and I just go by what I actually am, mixed 🙂

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  1. Can you imagine what some of the comments would be here, especially from black folks, if there was a white person up here with 70% European ancestry and 30% Sub-Saharan African ancestry? How many do you think would say that person is not white? Yet we still call a person that is 30% European, black. Although the one drop rule is gone and defunct (some dummies still believe in it though, I kid you not), the effects of it still linger in how people are identified and how they self identify in the US.

  2. 47% europe. Rest: africa. That means That you are a modern human being. Cool

  3. They did an update! You should do a reaction video to the new ancestry dna updates

  4. I’m getting one of these for Christmas but through what my family has said I’m probably ??35% ??25% ???????20% ???????15%

  5. Why are African Americans so shocked( or happy) to find European dna??? There were three raping @$$ powers that owned slaves; English, French and Spanish. The British owned most of the North American slaves, the French took over Haiti( and a few American states like Louisiana) and the Spanish a bunch of territories like Brazil, Cuba, Dominican republic etc. I personally would not celebrate the rape and torture of my ancestors. But ' Blondie' here is quite proud.

  6. Well, you’re beautiful darling. I’m waiting to do mine. Can’t wait!!

  7. Can I let you know there is black people in the Iran there's also black people in Iraq is she say you won't see that on media because they're racist black people are everywhere in the world everywhere

  8. When I look at you you remind me of East Africans people from Somalia Eritrea and Ethiopia

  9. Ok let me clarify go back to the history of England and you will realise that black people have been in England from the early centuries so don't just assume that because someone says you from Europe is automatically means your white

  10. Why do you dye their hair blonde I mean you're not exactly from the Solomon Islands but blonde hair is mainly associated with albinos or European so what's with the blonde hair

  11. Yes that's what I hate the most especially from black people as well not just only white they assume that we knew are pretty or beautiful you are mixed this is so push it because black people dark and extremely beautiful just breathtaking

  12. Slavery started before Christ Yeah slavery started way before Christ the Arabs were the first people and the worst kind they took over 50 million and then the European brothers and sisters did the same so we've been in Slave for a very long time my dear so we've been mixing them blend in for a very long time

  13. First, that is a total lie, you don’t have to be mixed to be pretty, black women are gorgeous. And despite all the hate we receive, we thrive

  14. GREAT VIDEO! opposite of some DNA test videos I've seen, you approached this with so much common sense and zero drama. Plus, let me say it… I celebrate the DNA mix that created those eyes!

  15. ha ha this is the funniest video with reply's people gave to you. so cute. u r gorgeous!!!

  16. I'm proud that my ancestors weren't slaves raped by white people.

  17. I'm gonna be str8 up your 100% beautiful black Queen I would marry you at the drop of a hat

  18. You're very typical to African American percentages, those people were dead wrong about you. Eye color is not significant, a small matter of pigment, your mouth region is way more indicative of race, and anyone who knows anything about race could tell you have strong african genes.(Which are beautiful btw, your beauty isn't from whiteness, lol.)

  19. My test showed I was 102% African with a 2% margin of error

  20. LeSweetpea: You did a great thing for yourself by having your DNA results.  Did you have done an "AUTO-SOMAL DNA TEST"?  Here are some additional info for you.  1ST: U R the seed of Abraham, as in the patriach of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Bible. Your Nigerian ancestry is most likely from the Ibo's. Your Ghanaian ancestry is most likely from the Ashanti.  Ibo's & Ashanti are believed to be of the Lost Tribes of Israel.  Israelites fled into Africa after the destruction of Jerusalem by invading armies.  2ND: Your Iraqi ancestry is your link to Abraham who came from Ur of the Chaldees, a city state in Ancient Mesopotamia which is today modern-day Iraq.  Reading recommendations: HEBREWISMS OF WEST AFRICA FROM NILE TO NIGER WITH THE JEWS by Joseph John Williams.  FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU – A HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT BLACK RACES INCLUDING THE BLACK HEBREWS by Rudolph R.Windsor

  21. My dad is mixed and I'm white af… "African American" is broad and people come in different shades…

  22. I'm from South Africa and I am a completely Black African. I am pale, curly red hair, hazel eyes and I look strictly biracial. What the fuck does a "pure African" look like?? Dark skinned, coarse hair and a certain nose shape?

    We have millions of people like me in Africa. Lmao I don't understand people who say "I don't look like a pure African". Are yall ignorant or pure dumb or just simply uneducated? Africa is sooooo diverse… Egypt for one is, Morocco is, Mozambique is, in South Africa too. These are countries in Africa since I've seen some Americans who are mostly surprised that Egypt, Morocco and so forth are in Africa, is the geography in America?

    I don't know what the being African looks like to most people but the shit media feed to Americans and other parts of the world is just hideous.

    By the way,I'm completely African and appear more biracial than most Black Americans who are biracial.

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