WHAT AM I? | African American Ancestrydna Results | KWSHOPS

WHAT AM I? | African American Ancestrydna Results | KWSHOPS

Hi Guys!!

I am really excited to share this video with all of you! I have always wondered about where my ancestors come from and I LOVE history! I decided however, to not get into the dark stuff simply because it’s a little too heavy for my channel, and it can make me a little emotional. I don’t mean to gloss over history, it just can be a bit of a sore spot for me, and I wanted this to be happy video in spite of all of that! Hopefully that comes across well.
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  1. Hi! Loved the vid! Its kinda funny to me how so many people claim to be native. I took my dna test expecting 100 percent native as i live on a reserve. I got it back and found out im 95 pervent native amd 5 percent african! I was shooooookkkkkkk

  2. I got 58% African, 35% European, (mostly the British Isles and Spain) and 6% Native American. My reat-grandfather was Latino, so I'm assuming that's where I got the Native American from. I thought the Native American would be Choctaw because my other great-grandfather lived and died on a reservation in Oklahoma, but I ended up learning that my biological great-grandfather was White. My parents were so disappointed that they weren't Native American.

  3. Just a friendly word. I saw your post & how you asked people to be nice. I do agree with you there, however, as you have "chosen" to put yourself out there, you must also accept, that you're going to be hounded by different people with varying comments & they're not always going to be nice unfort. As my Dad always says, if you can't handle the criticism, don't upload videos to youtube. This is one of the reasons why i never upload anything to youtube, bec i know how abrasive, nasty & jealous people can be. Anyway, please don't delete my 2 comments!! LOL I've said nothing offensive, so far as i see it.

  4. Awesome video & you're so GORGEOUS & well spoken!!!! As soon as i saw you, i knew you were mixed. You do look the 60/40 approx. I can definitely see the African genes in you, but also some European as well. I'm 100% European, primarily Irish, so seeing you, makes me wish i wasn't so pasty white, with red wavy hair & loads of freckles. People appear to love me & my look & i do love who i am & what i look like, but boy, i'd give anything, to carry a bit more of an exotic colour like you & other mixed people.

  5. African American women are some of the most beautiful women in the world!!!

  6. As soon as I get my ancestry checked, I will whip out my black card.

  7. I have an African American friend that told me that his white ancestor married a slave and was even buried in the slave graveyard with her when he died.

  8. All African Americans don't share the same DNA because my great grandma father was Cherokee and my grandma resembles him so yes Cherokee is in my blood , I can't speak for everyone.

  9. Personally I think you are at least 25% Native American.  I think it is always a good ideal to do your own research just to be able to judge your ancestral results.  Those African countries and tribes are basically the same as my uncle`s.  My uncle is about 25% Native American yet his DNA Test Results came up 0% Native American.  They are using a boilerplate that reveals 0% Native American ancestry for black Americans.

  10. You’re the most perfect looking woman I’ve ever seen.

  11. Wow you're almost identical to my entire family, but I guess that is fairly normal for African Americans! Maybe we share some family somewhere, but I certainly hope not because you are gorgeous!!! And don't pay any attention to the stupid hateful comments. I agree it's hard, but focus one ones like this one. Anytime you want a lovely comment from a sensible person you let me know.

  12. This is the first video I seen of you and I didn't care what you were thought you were beautiful and I been watch every sense

  13. I’ll say it, this girl reminds me of Aaliyah and Beyoncé.

    I would put money that Aaliyah and Beyoncé are in the 60s with their blackness and in their high 30s with their European ancestry.

  14. Sounds similar to mine:
    26% Benin/Togo
    17% Scandinavia
    15% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    12% Mali
    9% Europe West
    9% Nigeria
    7% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    1% South Europe
    1% Cameroon/Congo
    1% Great Britain
    <1% Senegal
    <1% North Africa
    <1% Finland/Northwest Russia

  15. Just stumbling across this video. Our ancestry breakdown is almost exactly the same. My ancestry results were 61% African, 36% European, 2% Central Asia. It's funny because superficially we look alike too 🙂 Lol! I knew based on the genealogy study that was done for my dad's side that there was definitely Native American in our family. However, it didn't show up until I did my ancestry with 23andme, which instead of Central Asia showed up as East Asian and Native American. So I would encourage you to retest with 23andme as your Native American ancestry may be picked up there.

  16. You are black… but dont forget that you are also white. You shouldn't be surprise about this amount of European in your dna since your skin color is not totally black. You should have expect that.

  17. I think a lot of African Americans forget they are no longer full Africans and because of the ugly history have Europeans and others. Most African Americans are mixed Blacks and do not even know it because there is no word for a group that has such many mixtures?! I have yet to see an Afro American 90% African it happens but so rare!

    White Americans are more 90% White than African Americans are Black!

  18. Have you guys considered the fact that she’s ethnically mixed with west African features? Why do people assume because you’re light skinned with less “kinky” hair it means you’re mixed, or that’s what makes you beautiful… that sucks..! You’re an incredibly beautiful African American woman.

  19. Great videos. ..
    By the Way
    From ancestry.com it is basically the last eight generations to 9 Generations in your family….
    , once we find the migration patterns of our ancestors before that so then we see what we were before that Noah had three sons ham Shem and japheth do the search on Google images charts .
    You will Love it.
    Thanks again

  20. I love your attitude towards you heritage and that you are so accepting of your Africanity!!! Welcome home!! Hope you take a trip to both Ivory Coast and Nigerian. You will find that many many girls look like you over them, mainly those who are mixed or have that lineage. You definitely are a West African girl, you will feel super amazing once you visit the African country of your choice, if you are not afraid of French Ivory coast is a super country, very modern, lots of tourist, family oriented, people are super friendly, it's coastal so the beach is great, and if you really feel like the hustle and the bustle of big cities, Lagos, Nigeria but you might get lost and not get a great experience there as it is a super busy city. My advice to you, go to Ivory Coast first, it will be easier for you then try Nigeria. Abidjan has lots of hotel downtown. Try connecting with bilingual Ivorians or expats who currently live there, who have lived in the US and are members of Internations.org, it's one of the most trustful and fun way to connect with expats in cities across the globe. You will love AFRICA. it is super cool, the food, the people and there is nothing like being surrounding by Black people all around, and just being a part of them, give you an intense feeling of belongingness. Ripe Fried plantain is a staple food there, you should start practicing!!! loooool . Great post!!!! 😉

  21. You shouldn't care what your ancestors did and what happened with them. You aren't responsible for that. You didn't choose to be who you are.

  22. Hi, my results are similar to yours, I am 67% African with 23% being Nigerian and 11% Mali. I am 31% European, my largest being 25% Great britain. I am only 1% Asian.

  23. Nothen black?? Okay I think I know what happened in your family history each great grandparents were 25% European that why no one seen it. So everyone look brown. Every generation even you look brown skinned. 25% isnt much but its there.

  24. What a gorgeous and brilliant woman. I'm glad she got to find out about her heritage.

  25. Congrats! You are from Nigeria… as I am from. Nigeria used to be called 'Slave Coast' before 1919 because of the number of people that were taken from there into slavery… Ibut now its the most populous Black nation in the world , 170 million strong … filled with beautiful, hard working people and over 250 tribes. It will be nice to know what tribes/peoples in Africa your ancestors actually came from so you can know exactly where (village) in Nigeria you are from. You can find that out by taking the African Ancestry DNA test.

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