Wasn’t Expecting That ! | Ancestry DNA Test Results

Wasn’t Expecting That ! | Ancestry DNA Test Results


His Ancestry Results have arrived. Check them out here:

DNA test was from Ancestry.com.

Just goes to show that genetics have a funny way of surprising us.

Did you guys guess my ethnicity before I revealed the results? Were your guesses correct?


Hope it was entertaining

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  2. I thought you are guys from Afghanistan special centre of Afg (Hazara ethnic).

  3. Nice video, Looking forward to see your friends results. I would guess he has some Eastern Europe genes, maybe the Croatia, serbia, or Slovakia area. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well I'm part Iranian Afghan and Tongan and yes people don't believe but ughh???

  5. Most south Asians have east Asian genetics. Some are as high as 13%.

  6. Great vid. Great discovery.
    I like that you are so cool about everything
    You should get your grandparents a test kit.

  7. Philippines is in South East Asia not East Asia

  8. Hello! Sorry to burst your bubble about having Norse blood in you veins. Finns are not descendants of the Vikings. They are our dear neighbours while we are Fenno-Ugric. Our relatives live in Estonia, Hungary and the North-Western part of Russia. If you have a need to be alone, to be silent if you don't have anything to say or have unexplained resilience that could be called stubbornness, those are Finnish traits. An extrovert Finn is someone who stares at your shoes instead of their own. Welcome to the family.

  9. Interesting results! I tryed many companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.de/ .Hope it helps in case you want to try another one 🙂

  10. Lol 91 isn't pure if you look at black American who are 91 african but lighter in skinncompared to a 100 percent african from west Africa it'll show that 91 is different from 100 like you said that little bit affect how you look lol. Awesome video.

  11. I love it! I thought you were latino when i first started watching. Lol but this just awesome, great results.

  12. If you come to my parents country (El Salvador) you'd fit right in, no one would bat an eye. We are a mix of the Old World and New World.

    Alot of people think I'm South Asian mainly Indian/Pakistani mainly. I also get Middle Eastern because of my stereotypical look. Filipino, Hawaiian when I pluck my unibrow and shave my beard.

    I got 2% Asia South, 2% Asia East, <1% Melanesia, 41% Native American, those are the ethnicities I have in common with you.

    Like you said, we definitely have a common link through those ethnicities. I probably got it through the Native American side and I match people from the Philippines, who tend to have a good amount of South Asian in them. The Melanesian part I've looked up as well, they mixed with Native Americans as well, mostly South America.

    The reason why people think you are Mexican looking is simple, most likely because alot of Filipino people migrated to Mexico back during colonization by Spain, and more recently after that, and they assimilated with the other ethnic groups. So our phenotypes resemble other people from all over the world, vice versa.

  13. Great video! 🙂 At first look I thought you were Afghan or some type of Latino/Puerto Rican/Mexican. I suggest uploading your raw data to sites like GEDmatch. They provide a better breakdown of individual ethnicities under the South Asian component, as websites like Ancestry or 23andMe don't have enough data, and label all South Asian dna as just 'Broadly South Asian'. This would help give you an idea of the South Asian ethnic groups that your dna is made of. 🙂

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