Viking Ancestry DNA (reply to ScholaGladiatoria)

Viking Ancestry DNA (reply to ScholaGladiatoria)

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Just an extra point I wanted to add to everything Matt has said.

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  1. I did the ancestry DNA thing, which is rather broad in its results. However, it was clear there were some VERY strong DNA ties to Wales, England and Scandanavia, all of which confirmed the written and oral traditions of my f family.

    I went a tad deeper and did the National Geographic DNA thing and it was much more specific, I most closely identify with Danish people…and Greek. I know from family tradition we were Scandanavian, I suppose my biological father was where the Greek comes from.

    So does that make me a Viking /Spartan? Of course not.

  2. I did the ancestry test … I am a Ninja ! … Congrats on being a Pirate ! 😀

  3. You can have viking ancestors but that doesn't make you a bloody viking

  4. A family in the Pictish tribe of ancient Scotland was the first to use the name Sutherland. They lived in the county of Sutherland in the north of Scotland. The name was derived from Old Norse suðr or "south" land, due to the area being south of Scandinavia and the Norse colonies in the Orkney and Shetland Islands.

  5. I recently did one of these tests and if you go all the way back it turns out I'm a caveman.

  6. My ancestors were French colonist.But im asian.

  7. I'm definitely not a Viking but if I bought a bear skin shirt would that make me a Berserker

  8. Your last name is Sutherland?….You haven't happened to have received a letter from your dead wife who died of a "damned disease" three years ago, have you?

  9. Sad that people look for meaning in something they had no control over, the race they're born to. What about just developing your own character and being proud of your own accomplishments? Good stuff! Subbed

  10. I'm a gender Floyd androgynous purple Radish and my ancestry is England the literal land mass. say other wise you're a…..racist, misogynistic, homophobic, humpa lumpa duba de doo and fascist!!!!!

  11. This video is highly disrespectful as many British people have ancient Scandinavian ancestry, these early settlements had a big influence on the country, even influencing the English language. For example the division of Yorkshire into north, east and west "ridings" come from the Viking term for "third", Yorkshire "dales" are of Nordic derivation too (dal is Danish for valley). Some days of the week (Wodin or Odin for Wednesday ; Thor for Thursday ; Freya for Friday.

  12. why the hell would you want to take off your left leg man

  13. I thought I was scandinavian. This is the moment my ancestry revealed that I am actually, a caveman.

    bashes the neighbours head in with a piece of bone to prove myself the alpha

  14. Guys! i just found out, im actually a hoomin.

  15. I'm 12.5% Native American, but I'm whiter than Casper. Dad is 25%, Grandma was 50%. Beyond that, I can't really trace it back. My Dad didn't even know because my Grandma was so proud to become American that she never mentioned what she was before that. I can't trace her to a tribe, but I find it interesting in the very least. My Grandma was born outside Mexico City and Mexicans themselves always thought she looked different from them. For some reason some of them thought she had some Southeast Asian stuff in her, but she didn't. Kinda cool.

    So I've given myself a totally legit Native American name: Running Mouth. Or, maybe, White Walker, because I'm white … and fat.

  16. Yo what's the beat/song at the end of your video?

  17. The chap who claimed to be Viking might be an actor. As ancestry is so emotive adverting agencies enjoy triggering the  'far right' by producing stuff like this. Many adverts these days , for example , with family orientated products use black men and white – preferably blonde partners and mixed race children. These situations do not occur by accident.

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