Twins Reaction to Ancestry DNA Test!! Are They Identical??

Twins Reaction to Ancestry DNA Test!! Are They Identical??

Today the twins get to see their Ancestry DNA results and they are very happy with what they see!!

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  1. This is so interesting! The first time I saw the boys they were identical! The more I watched the more I saw them for who each were on their own. Thanks for sharing this was really cool!

  2. Identical twins share 99% of DNA. the DNA will never be 100%. Simple. Lol

  3. Have you ever wondered what Ancestry DNA does with all its data? I am sure they are data mining their data some how? Things get pretty freaky when they have the ability to so called print DNA aka manufacture it from code produced in a super computer.

  4. How do you tell your twins apart? Did you ever get them mixed up even when they were very young? Have you done any videos on this subject that might answer the question? At what age were they differing or showing characteristics that you could tell them apart?

  5. It's very possible that your family was French or lived in France for a few generations, but that those people had come from somewhere else before that e.g. Spain, so the French wouldn't show up in the DNA because your French ancestors would have had DNA from wherever they came from

  6. We are twins. Valerie and me. And we both look alike. We were born in Dublin city in Ireland. We're both now 45 years of age. We're both moving on. And not getting any younger.

  7. I am @3:17 in the vid, and from looking at them they look fraternal. They don't really look that alike. This should be interesting!

  8. Pretend that there are specific DNA for Iberia, for Great Britain and for Italy and a vast intellectual swindle …. (just look at the story)

  9. No offence,the kid in the left looks Asian and the other one don’t

  10. There has never been a set of twins I couldn't tell a part. There are always subtle differences. Jayden's eyes are more squinty than his brother's. Also, the most obvious, is Jessee has his ear's pierced. Why didn't Jayden get his done?

  11. I love your last name Desaulnier!!!, I remember a long time ago (I think 2013/2014) you said you were Italian I can definitely tell! That’s so cool

  12. Jesse's test result says, Michelle, you are not the mother. lol

  13. I don't think you need to do a DNA test to see whether they are identical or not. It's pretty obvious.

  14. France is in western Europe. And I saw that listed. Oh, and the boy on the left has Tourette's.

  15. lots of british people have french names sounding names

  16. I know some twins who are 77 years old. I can always tell them apart. But they are very much alike in character.

  17. DNA tests are illegal in France. So not sure they have enough material to identify French ancestry. And ancestry in Europe is so mixed because people moved around. Which means you shouldn't take those tests as reliable. The matches will tell you more. Even if the admixture doesn't include something, you might still have matches that tell you that you do have that ancestry. So don't ignore the matches.

  18. These tests are NOT GOOD
    people stop falling for this dna crap!
    First they cannot tell you what they claim they can tell you and second these lying companies are selling your dna to the highest bidder and you can be denied things like health and life insurance in the future based on what companies know about your dna
    Don’t take my word for it, but research it yourself!

  19. 8:37 – My best friend is British, but live in France, just like his parents now (they just love this country). By the way, it's not a "river" but the SEA, hahaha! The Channel Tunnel (French: Le tunnel sous la Manche; also nicknamed 'Chunnel') is a 31.35 mi (50.45-kilometres) rail tunnel. At its lowest point, it is 250 ft (75 m) deep below the seabed, and 380 ft (115m) below sea level. The tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world. The cost finally came in at $21 billion. Now, you know! 🙂

  20. French comes up as 'europe west'

  21. You guys had the most amazing fun time sharing your DNA tests with us all. Thank you, thank you to a lovely family

  22. Such nice, cute little boys. I wis that I had known my ancestry when I was a kid, but then again that wasn’t around decades ago.

  23. The message it gave that either the same person gave the samples or they are identical twins was so awesome. 🙂
    My DNA test showed I am part French and I had no idea.

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