Swedish Ancestry DNA test #23andme

Swedish Ancestry DNA test #23andme

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Join me as I finally find out the results from the DNA test I took this summer to find out more about my Swedish ancestry. I have waited so long to find out more about my ancestry and heritage and today is finally the day!

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  1. girl you look so swedish like not even danish or smth your face just screams out swedish

  2. How is Europe not exotic? It’s very diverse, i hate when people get upset when it says they’re European

  3. I don't care what is ur dna results u look kinda arabian but you're not. Exotic

  4. Can I just also say not all Turks are dark, around 30% could easily pass for light skinned French Italian Spanish Greek .

    In fact quite a lot of Turks are literally white in skin tone not pink like the majority of Europeans but white like white.

  5. You look about as Turkish as Swedish meat balls, sorry my bad I meant IKEA , although if you did have some Turkish DNA I would not have been surprised, you have a very European face, people who say these horrible racist things my dear Sam do not have a life and have such a sad pathetic shit life that being white makes them feel superior and strong, probably because they have nothing else in the locker even though they too are mixed in their DNA , though they are too dumb to realise it as fact.

  6. I'm from England and i got 73% Scandinavian and 23% Europe West like wtf

  7. I was raised knowing I was part British and part American. I did the DNA ancestry test. My brother was 25 percent British.I was only 5 percent British. My brother was 17 percent Scandinavian.What I find more amazing.I am more Scandinavian than you are. I am 28 percent Scandinavian that was my highest Dna!

  8. Cool…are your freckles natural? You have fair skin but your features could be considered South Asian maybe Bangali (soft round features broad full face). I can't see any middle Eastern influence looking at you. Anyways it's all humanity in a multitude of variations lol xx

  9. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus, and 1% North African

  10. You do look partly north Swede (possibly Dalarna, Jamtland, and further north). That "broadly" NW European part is too big. They are just missing reference populations. They probably have one reference from southern Sweden. DNA in the north is different (more ancient hunter gatherer… was not suitable for the farmers). I am mostly Swedish DNA. My Swedish family are dark genes. My dad has dark brown hair. I just have brown hair, but dark charcoal hazel eyes. We both have a hyper-pigmentation gene (tan easy and dark) that came from Dalarna. His other darker features are from Jamtland. This is not abnormal for northern Sweden. Blonde is just stereotype. I also match Swede Sami on GEDmatch but you'd see more Finn/Russia or East Euro is some Sami I think. But try GEDmatch. It won't give you concrete answers but might clear up that ambiguous chunk. I'm Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian, so my general test just put a glob over Scandivania. GEDmatch admixtures figure things like I might be a quarter Swedish, Swedish, North Swedish, and Swedish. That's just hilarious. But it told me I got more Swedish DNA. You can also see where your top matches are from (assuming 23 works like that).

    Ancestry DNA has three specific reference populations for Sweden. It was better than Family Tree DNA for Sweden (and it looks like 23 has only 1 reference). If you rely want to be sure, try Ancestry DNA test to see if you have North Swede DNA. You do not look south Swede. But you do look North Swede, and that is less populated and left out of references. But the genetic different between north and south Sweden is about as much as the difference between Sweden and the Netherlands.

  11. your not joking you would like to marry a muslim you European Cunt.

  12. u look like a lebanese girl it is weird that you dont have any levant blood.

  13. LOL!!!
    my dna:
    %51 Russian
    %28 Turkish
    %15 Greece
    %6 Portugal

  14. I only clicked on this video bc of the Turkish flag and you didn’t told anything about it so why? #clickbait

  15. You're SO BEAUTIFUL
    Please take me hostage
    or a husband.. i can add exotic DNA to your/ our children ??

  16. Jeeeesus, do ppl really think that all swedes are blonde? How low iq can u have lol

  17. its wery good to be 100 vanilla…that means you are one of oldest ppl in the world eveeeeer 😛

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