1. Your grandmother could be related to me Mine= 100 % Europe- 50 % West Europe, 20 % West Europe, 16 % Ireland, 6 % Iberian Peninsula, 5 % Scandinavia, 2 % Italy-Greece, 1% Finland, North West Russia 🙂 here are my maternal surname's- Ketner, Hardy, Tisdale, Love, Allen, Collier , Lunenburg county, Virginia graveyards

  2. What a wonderful young man you are for doing that for your grandma!

  3. interesting!! I hope you do a part 2!! you were so sweet to do this for your grandma. did she have any idea or info about her biological family?

  4. Where’s that pt2 tho

  5. Brennan this is so cool. I think it is partly because of being adopted my self. Please do a part two

  6. Why does the title say "adopted grandma"?

  7. Somehow you look like an inbred product…

  8. Very thoughtful of you!!

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