Surprising Ancestry DNA Results

Surprising Ancestry DNA Results

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Ancestry DNA Results
I have always wondered what my genetic makeup is. All African Americans that didn’t recently naturalize to the states will have some type of mixture that includes West Africa and Europe. Find out exactly what my results detail and thanks for watching.

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  1. You shouldn't have to explain to anyone why you got the DNA test. You are OBVIOUSLY not 100% Black. Stop indirectly apologizing for being multiracial.

  2. 44% of 65% is 28. 6%.. so essentially 28.6% is how much Nigerian you are.

  3. Where did that sweet rack come from is what I wanna know

  4. She black with a nice rack. and she has enough white in her to be an official pecker wood welcome to the family.

  5. Nice results… perhaps the native american part may come from some hispanic ancestor since you also have some iberian-spain.

  6. I apologize for the comment but……you definitely got the big titty gene. Wow.

  7. Maiyah…. Black is a skin color/shade… you aren't the shade black…… therefore you aren't black you have African Decent in you obviously but you're not black, you're mixed.

  8. Wow that's a lot from one place.

  9. The highest Nigerian I have seen is in the 70s and that is someone 100% Nigerian Igbo, mostly all Nigerians on Ancestry are mixed with other areas too. I'll post a link after this:

  10. Great vid. I really have the taste for some kale right not, and i don't even like it. 🙂

  11. I hated that you knew right away I have watched a lot of this kind of videos. Enjoyed watching yours nonetheless .

  12. What's your background that you grew up identifying? Black/African American? Afro-Latino? Lousiana Creole? I'm curious because of your last name.

  13. I was close. I guess you being 60% african. It is amazing your Nigerian so high. You really did have native American. That mean your American by blood.

  14. 10 % 30% 60% and so on….. it seems to be so important for many people in the USA. Race Race Race….for sure you are 100% a human being !

  15. You are like the Afro-Latina in dna.
    U look like from Caribbean, D.R maybe even P.R
    And Brazilian you can pass for

  16. Thanks for sharing.  We have a pretty similar ethnic break down (I'm 66% African).  I went to a black college, code switch with my blackcent (lol), and only dated black women.  Outside of my hair being "curly" I think I look as black as anyone else so I feel you on making sure people know that you're proud to be Black/African.  We're all mixed in the diaspora.  So it's one mixed parent hooking up with another mixed parent with varying levels of admixture.  I look at it as we're from the tribe of "Descendants of African Slaves" (my accounting professor back in the day called them Super Negroes, so there's a lot to be proud of).  Everyone with a different story, but all brothers and sisters at the end of the day.  I'm actually shocked when I see African Americans in the U.S. test at 80 and 90%.  Slavery had a lot of "forced" mixture.  I usually want to ask if someone immigrated here in the last 100 years.

  17. If u are African American then u from west Africa lol

  18. Damn girl 44% Nigerian is high!! If i get that high Ima start reppin shoot..flag emoji in my IG bio and everything couldn't nobody tell me I ain't Nigerian. I would visit there too one day

  19. God made it work together for you..
    its well with you my dear.

  20. Beautiful ancestry results. I enjoyed your video. I'm currently waiting for my results to come in.. 🙂

  21. I almost look like you and Im 48% Nigerian.

  22. Good Results…Out of all the African American DNA results, one guy had like 50% Nigerian, and you're like the 2nd or 3rd person with the highest.. But I'm pretty high with 41% Nigerian myself..

  23. As others have said, cool results, including the high Nigerian. That is not as common in these African American DNA tests as I previously expected. You're very pretty.

  24. yeah well you're not the only one honey that doesn't have a definitive place everybody in America accepting that of American Indians are from somewhere else so black people aren't the only ones

  25. You don't look all that black. You might be black culturally but ethnically you appear to be mixed. 65% sub saharan is pretty low for an African American. Yeah, 44% Nigerian IS a lot for one group. I"m 4% Nigerian (Yoruba baby).

  26. Hi, our basic ethnic make is similar. i am 68% African with just 23% nigerian though, and 31% european with 25% of that Great Britian. no Native but 1% Asian.

  27. Wow Maiyah Scates, 44% Nigerian is the highest I've seen for any Afican American, one like you, whose antecedents in the USA, I'm guessing, go back to the pre Civil War era. Congratulations!

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