Surprising Ancestry DNA Results from Madagascar (Black? Asian? Mixed? Lol.)

Surprising Ancestry DNA Results from Madagascar (Black? Asian? Mixed? Lol.)


I bet ya’ll didn’t know there was an entire people of 20 million that were Black-Asian! I took a DNA test for me, but hopefully, I can maybe help clear the air about Malagasy people’s origins. It’s an ancestry rich with unique culture, and even though you may not know that just from these results, you will be interested in knowing more about my country and my people.



  1. She look menado people .. is north sulawesi in indonesia

  2. Your very pretty young lady i always wonder Madagascar origins

  3. I Reed fr,trench research that malagasi folk mix race fr,africa, endenosia, Malaysia and fr,Yemen,or fr,persia because of there religios traditions. Thats what made you smart and beatifull girl,for having so many difrent geens l

  4. kirain orang Indonesia loh, I am from Indonesia, Sumatra Island. you could check my vlog to see how I am Look like. and you look like Indonesian or Malaysia well Malay ethnic even tough different citizen.

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  9. Madagascar people ancestors come from Indonesia

  10. You should download your raw data and upload it to websites such as we gene to break down your Asian DNA.

  11. Other Indian ocean islands have diverse peoples as Well

  12. You are so cutehihihiI am so proud to see a Malagasy speaking English not in French

  13. If you come to INDONESIA, I believe no one recognize U as a foreigner

  14. the first inhabitan in Madagascar island r come from my country INDONESIA & also people from AFRICA & yes as Indonesian I can see your face look like Indonesian…Hallo from Jakarta, Indonesia

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