Sudanese DNA Results | AncestryDNA | DNA.LAND | Haplogroup estimation

Sudanese DNA Results | AncestryDNA | DNA.LAND | Haplogroup estimation

MyHeritege results:
WeGene results:

Welcome to my channel and first video ever, join me as I share my results using AncestryDNA and DNA.LAND. Please be respectful in the comments.



  1. Why isn't Sudan up there I guess they count them as Middle East just like Ethiopia count as Southeastern Bantu

  2. Great DNA…. pleas do more video. especially especially from your background… but brace yourself if you can take the criticism… because a lot of YouTube fingers so called history of Moorish history and North Africa and Black Arabia will came at you full force.. but if you can with stand the criticism.. your YouTube will well worth it.. in the long run. Why? The people who will be attacking you. Will I’m actually giving you free research data to help prove your own reaching. With even going to the library ..✌️??

    Brother…. try to find other Sudan and Nubian brother and sister to start a YouTube blog.. so the new generation can speak and define how they view themselves… I have seen Somali YouTube DNA blogs..

  3. You’re not Indigenous Sudanese , you’re a mix of Arab and others , I don’t think you belong to any Sudanese tribe, I did mine and saw some others Sudanese DNA and the results of Anthropology research , we are 95.4% African

  4. If you did your test with Ancestry DNA, your African results are not accurate. They make all Eastern African DNA as Southern Bantu even if people are not Bantu.

  5. Arab Moors ? There’s no such thing as Arab Moors. Moors are Berbers/Amazigh and they are basically the ones who have overran and conquered the Iberian peninsula.

  6. I am Nubian from North of sudan I did my DNA Middle East and amizath and Barber. North African means amizath and Berber. Bantu group originated west central Africa savanna south of the sudan and Darfur.

  7. Lol, if you took Ancestry it is not correct. And most Sudanese are majority African, even the Arab tribes are more African. 23andme was offereing free kits for Sudanis, you should take it and you'll get a more proper result.

  8. only 1/3 of you is black… the fast majority of you is of west Eurasian decent? so how can you regard yourself as black???? this 1 drop rule is madness

  9. north sudanese are north east african and west asian. you "look like you would have some west asian roots. u still can see the you know "black" in you. your dna results fit your face

  10. Sudanese are self hating Africans who claim to be Arabs

  11. as a middle eastern you would have gotten a better benefit from using family tree dna or my hertitage dna, try one of those companies as they have a better diversity amongst middle easterns and north africans

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