1. U r 100% south asia u family migrated with in india that its. 4.1% Caucasian that not too much

  2. There is definitely a geek in you..good analysis across dna offering site.

  3. I'm 1 quarter South Indian! I got 21 percent South Asian, 2 percent Central Asian, 1 percent East Asian, and <1 percent Melanesian.

  4. Very interesting and helpful. Thank you for this detailed comparison. I found the caste comparison at the end particularly interesting.

  5. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus, 1% North African, and <1% Melanesia

  6. HOW did you get your "gesedna" to undisplay in its default Chinese??? I went to website but ALL in Chinese… cant even find icon to change to English setting

  7. Thanks for surveying all the databases! Very informative. I am Telugu too and got 88% Asia South, 5% Asia East, 4% Melanesia and 3% Asia Central. GED Match with MDLP K16 gave 54.9 percent Indian, 18.4 Caucasian, 8.4 SouthEast Asian, 7.11 Steppe and around 2 percent each of Australian, Oceanic and NEEuro. I am sure the algorithms they use to classify sequences have limitations. No need to take these numbers very seriously. But, the bottomline is everyone is the result of admixture of different ancestral populations. So, any talk of pure ethnic or caste ancestry is baloney.

  8. Thanks for the video. It helps us to compare similar results for other Indians from Ancestry.

    Ancestry results were a bit generic as I got 88% Asia South, 7% Asia East and 5% Melanasia. The last two were very surprising and I think that these two admixtures are very ancient (tens of thousands of years old) that are being recycled in South India. I am a Kannada/Tamil Iyengar Brahmin from Karnataka. Based on videos similar to this one and other reading, I find that genetic makeup is somewhat similar across all Indians, especially Southern Indians regardless of caste and color.

    I used MDLP K16 Modern as above to drill down further trying to keep the 5% Melanasian and Asia east mix around the same (as Ancestry), and came up with Indian 61%, Steppe+NE-Euro+Caucasian 22%, SE Asian (Asia East component) 8% and Australian+Oceanic (Melanesia) 3.5% and other smaller amounts.

    Harappa world was S-Indian 45%, Baloch (why Baloch I don't know??) 35%, Caucasian+NE-Euro 11%, SE-Asian 1% and Papuan (Melanesian) 1%. There are variations in GEDmatch results which shouldn't be the case, not sure which one there is best to use…

  9. I'm Indian Punjabi and got the following results:
    30% S Indian, 39% Baloch, 13% Caucasian, 12% NE-Euro. I'm actually surprised by the NE-Euro, and Caucasian %s. I thought I would be close to like 90% Indian or something lol.

  10. I just got my results from AncestryDNA. Asia South – 89%, Asia East – 7%, Melanesia – 4%. I'm from Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. I'll be uploading to Gedmatch soon.

  11. I got almost the same as you – Asia South 89%, Asia East 7%, Melanesia 3%, Polynesia 1%. Just uploaded to more databases, will make a video in a few days 🙂

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