1. You have great results and am proud for you!!  Wished I had the nerve to video mine.

    The following are mine:

    Initial Test:

    20% Cameroon/Congo
    18% Ivory Coast/Ghana
    16% Ireland/Scotland/wales
    11% Scandinavia
    10% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    6% Great Britain
    6% Nigeria
    5% Benin/Togo
    3% Africa North
    2% Melanesia
    1% Senegal
    1% Europe West
    1% Iberian Peninsula


    36% Cameroon/Congo (increased)
    16% Ireland/Scotland (remained the same)
    15% England, Wales & Northwestern E. (more specific)
    14% Benin/Togo (increased)
    12% Ivory Coast/Ghana (reduced)
    5% Norway (refined from Scandinavia) NEW
    1% Native American (N. Central, S.)  NEW
    1% Germanic Europe  NEW

    Practically all blacks in Amerikkka our Y chromosome will trace back to Europe or some kind of white nation and our X chromosome will go directly to mother Africa.  Yes the widespread rape on both sides of my families and other sides are the reasons for the European connection.  My Y chromosome went straight to Ireland/Scotland/Wales and X chromosome went straight to mother Africa.

  2. Mine update is completely different now there saying my mom is 1oo percent FRENCH nobody nobody is 100 percent FRENCH!

  3. Nilotic are the Cushitic modern Kushitic are Semitic while Arabs who have j y Haplogroup is Japheth because its brother Haplogroup is I which is European

  4. lol bro with a forehead game as strong as yours i'd never think youre anything but Somalian.

  5. I got 56% Eastern Africa, 38% Southern hunter-gatherers,3% Bantu and 3% Middle East. I am from Burundi. The Eastern African breakdown says that part of it is Northern bantu but I do not believe somalis have bantu in them, very little if at all. So when I saw your results I was like this upgrade is great but Ancestry still has a long way to go. I have a feeling there's a proto-nilotic marker yet undiscovered. The reason why I say you Horners have no Bantu is because your 23andme scores are drastically different to full Bantus, so how can you score 30%? Before seeing this I believed the infos but now I am adamant, and dnatribes gave me little western Africa and tons of nilotes. According to them I am almost maasai. So nilotes, Horners and some of us East-central Africans share a marker we would be hearing about soon. I am almost sure about that. The hunter-gatherers puzzles me as well, pretty high too. I have a feeling East-Africa was once inhabited by Cushites and Khoisan type groups.

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