1. A pattern I noticed after watching a few Indians taking DNA tests , both north Indians and south Indians have a whooping 75- 80% south Asia ( which I believe is the native Dravidian ) , but interestingly south Indians have anywhere around 3-9% East Asia and Melanasia while north Indians have somewhat similar 3-9% Asia central or Caucasus .

  2. I've been told I'm a quarter malayali Indian. I wish I could find out for sure. I hope these DNA tests get a bit more specific in the future. ?

  3. These DNA test are completely fake human race are from Africa all humans are one

  4. Zero percent African bro? That can’t be right look at your complexion your Black like me.

  5. Of course your not, you really are a Afghan because Indians are the coolest. Nice try though but I can spot a Afghan a mile away. JK lol!

  6. you should put your raw data into gedmatch!!

  7. Hey …You are ancestry dna test Is very similiar to me.I am British Bangladeshi ,but my grandparents were born in India shilong north east india part of Bengal before partition of 1947 then they settled in Bangladesh .Currently My family are from north east Bangladesh .I was 75 percent south asian . I am 20 percent East Asian ,not superised as my mum and sisters look very oriential rest is melasian ,polynesian and native American.Thousands of years ago there was a land bridge called the beringian bridge that connected asia the Americas and our ancestors crossed that bridge .Also Australia was connected to india and was India had austro Asiatic people for some time hence the melasian .

  8. they do not have enough samples for south asians so it sucks for us

  9. these dna tests suck for south asians bro… you should upload this raw data to GEDMATCH

  10. In the new beta testing, they’ve added a few regions within India to be more accurate

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