Sibling Ancestry DNA | Why Are My Brother’s Test Results Different?!?!

Sibling Ancestry DNA | Why Are My Brother’s Test Results Different?!?!

Hey everyone! In todays video we will be exploring sibling ancestry DNA and answering the question of why my brother’s test results were different from mine. We will also go through and compare our results and share what was different from one another.

Check out my orginal Ancestry DNA Test Results Video!

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Here is a Iink found that helped explain how two siblings with the same mom and dad can have different results. It will also further explain how men have the y chromosome that women do not carry.


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  1. FYI about 2 weeks ago Ancestry sent me an email letting me know that there was a reevaluating of DNA throughout Ancestry so the estimates have changed. I went from a robust 48% Nigeria to a paltry 3% Nigeria. From 19% Ghana to 8% Ghana and etc… You might want to check your new estimates as well.

  2. Wow!..remember siblings share 50%dna but there's that other 50%we don't n my sis ancestry results were very similar.

  3. Stop claiming to be America Indians ur ancestors were kidnapped from Alkenbulan or Africans to the western world period ,ur parents lied to y'all just to like the slave masters they have graduated from their masters universities n they got awarded with PhD in "liemizims".

  4. Yea I've done mine as well as one of my daughters results. I've heard that multiple times that even both siblings will have different percentages. So I'm a have my other 4 kids get their DNA results through Ancestry DNA..

  5. Did the company connect you as siblings? 23andme linked our son to us. His results were pretty much reflected to ours. Gedmatch(free) can do one to one comparison so maybe you should take the advantage.

  6. i wish ppl would learn that just because you have the same parents does not mean you results will be exactly the same DNA does not work that way. or just because one parent is italian and one is native does not mean you will get half of each dna.

  7. Oh by the way I just got my DNA back last week and I too am 48% Nigerian with 19% Ghana/Ivory Coast

  8. Ancestry DNA has a blog called: Understanding Patterns of Inheritance: Where Did My DNA Come From? (And Why It Matters.) This will explain why you guys got different percentages. In a nut shell each parent passes down randomly selected DNA to each of their children which makes up a unique genetic signature for each of them. Sort of like fingerprints, even identical twins have different fingerprints.

  9. Yall have different fathers.. the Nigerian was a stretch.. 48% for you and 9% for him eehhh thats a bit of a discrepancy.

  10. Greetings….. Unless your parents are 100% of one ancestry and the vast majority of people do not have that, you should not expect to have the same results as each child inherits 50% from each parent; therefore there is another 50% that you did NOT inherit from each parent. Therefore, results will be different. This also applies to genetic cousin matches. You may not necessarily share the same cousins from a genetic point of view; but the cousin matches are still family from a genealogical point of view.

  11. Why would anyone ask the palefaces for DNA test results instead of asking our ancestors? The paleface invaders are the same people that stole our land and told us we are Africans, when most of us Are Indigenous to these Americas There is no way they brought Billions of us from Africa on some rickety titanic slaveships My people The Chahta/Choctaw of Mississippi were here before the european immigrants brought any Africans on slaveships here Reference the Emblem Of America British Museum portrait of a Mississippi Indian

  12. Thanks for sharing. 48% Nigerian to my 40%, I keep thinking our ancestors probably subconsciously were drawn to each other. The other story is way more Nigerians were brought over.

  13. Some triplets didn't get the same DNA. Identical triplets from one egg!! ?? Makes more sense from man vs female, but identical triplets. There were 4 different sets of identical triplets. The o ly triplets that were almost identical were the African Americans triplets. All of these sets of triplets were female. I wonder how it would differ with male twins or triplets. I haven't taken the test as yet, but I was always told that my maternal great grands came from British Isles. I have met my maternal grandmother and her sisters and they could have passed for white which they did when they were younger living g in TX. BUT!! The arthritic pain I'd suffered with for years turns out to be a bone disease from………The British Isles that usually affects males. Females are generally carriers, but my son has it. Ankylosis Spondylitis.!!! Adrienne who is from Scotland married an African American man, her son died from this disease. Unfortunately, his was located in his upper thorax, neck and cervical bones. Mine is my lower cervical spine and hips. I'm miserable to say the lease. I've had 5 orthopedic surgeries bcuz of this Celtic disease. My ancestors could have left me an Irish castle, that would have been a lot more appreciated. Take care,
    VelinaTheFlutterby ??

  14. Honestly i dont see the difference they are talking about here, same regions different percentage its normal DNA results. what is the Wow isssue?

  15. You could ask your parents to do the test to see their percentages.

  16. It`s bcs male Y chromosome can carry dna from both parents while women Mt chromosome carry only mother`s dna. So if he has certain region more(or smth you don`t have) than you it means that it`s father`s dna. So in order to know your father`s ancestors, your brother is "responsable" for it. Professor who actually know how it works said to me that if I want to know my father`s ancestors I need to find his brothers, like somebody from male side.

  17. Please upload your raw dna to familytreedna for the both of you and compare those results

  18. Wow that’s really cool. My sister did one, and we look nothing alike, so it’ll be interesting to see the results once I do mine

  19. We want to do one! My brother thinks ours would be the same lol so this is good to know.

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