Hello And Welcome Back To Our Channel!! I’m back with another update about my wife’s family tree and information we discovered from




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  1. Some of my mom's cousins are also half siblings to her youngest brothers. Oh well, it is what it is and we all love each other 🙂

  2. I found out my grandparents are 3rd cousins lol

  3. My husband’s aunt is actually his grandmother! She seduced (but also possibly was raped by him!?) her sister’s husband!

  4. I am from the south as well and found some tangles in my family tree. Between that and stories of a possible alternate father I was afraid to test my DNA, but I have decided knowledge is power. Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Its crazy how secrets was kept back then my great grandmother had 10 kids she was married to my great grandfather but 5 out of ten was his I am his biological great grand he claimed all of them as his and gave them all his name my great grandma was from North Carolina she would go there for the summer go back home to DC at the end of summer & tell my grandfather we having another one the kids who had diffrent father always knew who their biological father was my aunt told her biological father if he can near her saying that he was her father she would spit in his face the man that raised her was her daddy it's crazy

  6. I love research and history! Its as if we are touching the past. I know first hand this can be challenging learning new information with little input from family. I found out via Ancestry my loving dad of 41 yrs is not my biological father. It took 2 yrs for me to come to terms with that truth. I am today so very grateful knowing my family only wanted to protect me by not sharing this. My father and step mom who raised me are 100% jewels! With is not always the case. God placed me in that family to give me a wonderful future and life. I wish both of you well in your pursuit of the truth and the strength to endure the good bad and ugly. We all have dark spots in our past…

  7. So your grandmother had an incest relation with her son, resulting in your mother? Or is that uncle not related to your grandmother?

  8. This is why the destruction of the family, was and is a disaster. Siblings, half siblings, children living with grandparents, and stepfathers etc. It brought society no good.

  9. Listen I heard "my wife" and saw those lovely glasses and I said to myself " yess queen I shall subscribe, love my rainbow sisters, I love your Spirit, following doll muaax

  10. Ok I’m so confused it says in the title Uncle is my father but you never said that is the case…. Sorry if I’m missing something also you never came back after this with an update?‍♀️

  11. Ok from what I can pull together the Paternal Grandmother seems to be hiding the fact that she had a baby with her brother? Where is the follow up video or this is it in the playlist?

  12. I got this from my Mum's aunt. My Great Aunt's parents were first cousins. So I think that makes me a cousin to myself.

  13. As the folks at Genealogy Adventures like to say, genealogy research is not for the faint of heart! I have certainly found that in my own research. I am an adoptee who took the DNA test, found my birth family on my mother's side and discovered the true circumstances surrounding my birth and the reason I was given up for adoption. That took some readjustment! Fortunately, my birth family had been looking for me so that part turned out wonderfully and we've developed a wonderful relationship.

    Then I got some of my adopted family members tested and found something that I was not expecting. Keeping that to myself as I have no explanation for it. But I have decided I'm not getting anybody tested anymore!

    Again on my adopted side, we found a new cousin who took the DNA test and found out the man who raised her was not her biological father but was one of my cousin's cousins.

    So be prepared. I will be sending y'all some good energy!

  14. Wow what a shock! I really like ur video how real& honest you are! I had to sub! I'm looking forward to watching more! ?

  15. i am from lexington miss. holmes county be prepared for what you uncover, it going to quite some suprises that you come up, i am doing my reseach be thing s are not adding up…please stay in contact… i will be following you…

  16. take your results to gedmatch on line they will help you go deeper! I also have strong roots in the Delta through my paternal linethere may be a distant link!!!

  17. It happens I know of some fooling around in the tree as well , that's life no rapes so all ends well.

  18. Like you stated in your other video Mississippi, North South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana very very secretive. Brother's and sister's, first, second, third cousins, father's and daughter's, uncle and niece's grand father and granddaughter lived incest lives. Its so NASTY to live secrets that's leaves family scaring.

  19. My cousins are my sister's. Trust me and it's always crazy behavior around our family because all the lies.

  20. My Grandmother sister is really my aunt??? I found out before my grandmother died

  21. I totally agree with you! Same thing with my family!….Girl nobody talks about nothing and sad for those of us that are still living…because all grandparents and eldest family members are deceased. And when they were living, they were so tight lipped!

  22. Greetings, when you go to Mississippi… you will need start. The Probate and then Will and Land Deeds. Because after slavery the freed Africans stayed close to the plantation and Black cemeteries hoping those families members may return after being freed. What is sad is this this generation is saying family keeping secrets.. 1) Africans had no rights, 2) A crime by Lynching to have a black man or woman to learn to read and write 3) freed Africans in America history has been oral ? WHY? Be sure to pick up the Book the 100 years of Lynching (mainly out of Mississippi) and the heart Wrenching book The Bullwhip Days the Freed Africans remember the torture of been in the hell of America.. here is one example.. a preacher land owner came from Church and got drunk…he desired to take one his black slaves women. She fought back .. so out of rage took a pregnant Black slave women and slits the stomach open to watch the black child fall out and his black slave women died..

    “And you want to know why black folks in the south keep things inside.. and the only out let of healing the mental psychological scare, hypertension, fear, high blood and the daily fear of Death in south was the black southern church.. praying to get the hell off this America night mare of suffering and death and nothing… ????… USA made and Manufactured the so-Called Negroes of America.. and you want to know why Chicago is filled with guns and killing. Ponder this if all the European left America.. what would the so called ex slave negroes do… who is going to do construction and out door labor.. trash.. you may say let’s team up with the Hispanic (mexico).. please here in Texas.. the La Raza : National Council of La Raza (NCLR) (La Raza), The Race (Mexico) these folks want North Mexico back. (I.e :Texas California New Mexico and Arizona) historically that was northern Mexico.

    You must have forgot so let me remind you:

    The Untold History of Afro-Mexicans, Mexico's Forgotten Ethnic Group

    Contrary to what many people realise, Mexico was a slave trading country in the 16th century, having a population of around 200,000 principally West African slaves that outnumbered the Spanish colonialists for decades and was for some time the largest in the Americas.

    (Hint : native Americans or native Mexico) ????
    Some research records to start with
    The Mississippi Black Codes

    Southern states began trying to end black voting. By 1910, all Southern states had excluded blacks from voting. In the 1890s, Southern states enacted a new form of Black Codes, called “Jim Crow” laws. These laws made it illegal for blacks and whites to share public facilities.

    100 Years of Lynching:
    Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama Georgia.

    What were lynchings?
    Historians broadly agree that lynchings were a method of social and racial control meant to terrorize black Americans into submission, and into an inferior racial caste position. They became widely practiced in the US south from roughly 1877, the end of post-civil war reconstruction, through 1950.

    The 1860-1870 Freedmen Bureaus.
    To find records.

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