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HEY GUYS! The video is finally here and it’s shocking. We got back our Ancestry Dna results. I hope you enjoy this video. A few months ago after binge watching a crazy amount of ancestry videos we came up with the idea to test our very mixed sons DNA since it was something we had never seen before and were always wondering about. We took a test through and within weeks we received the shocking answers to all our questions and decided to share it with you all as well!

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  1. OKAY AZIZFAM our comment about "immigration from africa" came out totally wrong in this video (poor choice of words). WE KNOW THAT PEOPLE DIDN'T "IMMIGRATE FROM AFRICA" but were forced to leave Africa because of slavery. SORRY ABOUT THAT and we love you guys ❤

  2. by the way of the US, and Trinidad, per ancestry I am 41 % South Asian, 40 percent West African, 12 % European, then bits of East Asia, Melanesia. Gedmatch went deeper, even into african Tribes, and my Indian heritage was broken into North India and surrounding countries, like Balochistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Mediterranean, and put my European ancestry in Eastern Europe. I live and grew up in California, where I have been boxed . into simply, "black".

  3. In Asia you dont need genes for White like what the west is racist. White Skin is easy because whitening pills, soaps and everything you drink and eat has whitening. lol

  4. I’m fully Ghanaian , but I took a dna test this weekend. I’m slightly excited but anxious at the same ! I think I’ll be mostly West African.

  5. I am married to Pakistani guy and I am from Kazakhstan. I couldnt be proud to be married to a brown guy ! He is the sweetest, bravest, smartest, just amazing. I cant wait to have babies with him.

  6. Sorry but people in Jamaica did not emigrate. They were taken from Africa and put into slavery. Mostly from West Africa, which is Nigeria , Ivory coast, Ghana. I am guessing you knew, please say it the correct next time.

  7. Is she ashamed that she's got African ancestry? She seemed to want to skirt around that, a lOt… then eventually, the repeated "that's crazy"…. was strange.

  8. I think the only DNA trace from the New World (Americas) would be Native Americans (indigenous people). Everyone else would come from Europe, Africa, & Asia. So North America, Caribbean, South Americans and So on. Came from somewhere else unless they are Native Americans (Mayan, Aztec, Caribs, Arawaks, Seminoles and So on).

  9. Jamaican is a nationality. People from Jamaica didn't immigrate from Africa, they were forced on a ship and placed in Jamaica and forced into slavery. So your video was interesting to say the least. Cute

  10. I am from Jamaica and I am 100% South Asian (Indian – Bengali)…. There are a million Desi in Jamaica. Indians have lived in Jamaica for almost 200 YEARS. However, there are Millions of Afro-Jamaicans. So your "Jamaican" Ancestry is probably African. Because being Jamaican is a Nationality, not an ethnicity.

    Jamaicans are not only Africans. It's a perfect mix of South Asians and West Africans. Literally most West "INDIANS" are either Dougla, Fully Indian, or Fully African-mixed. Please remember, we have our own famous Curry Dishes. We call our Potatoes "Aloo" and we have our own Indian-style of Music, that Indo-Jamaicans call CHUTNEY.

    It's important that you know this because, solely referring to Jamaicans as Descendants of Africa, is quite misleading and offensive. It completely disregards the HUGE Impact that Indians have in Jamaican Culture.

  11. Im Somali and you both good together, but first I thought the girl was Hispanic

  12. Jamaica have ancestor is British Irish Scottish German Lebanese Jewish Chinese

  13. There’s no such thing as full Jamaican, it won’t show up on the map. I’m sure there are other non African mixing in your Jamaican side.

  14. just get YOUR DNA done for heaven sakes. She may have the asian dna. and perhaps your next child will get the asian dna.. and get her siblings and other family members to do a test also.

  15. he is not hapy to see africa nigera look his face shame on u

  16. Are you people in the Caribbean were slaves descendant of Indian African Chinese. Please do your research before posting videos about other people’s ethnicity and race, it can come across as discriminating, kinda annoying.

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