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  1. Shalom, Rabbi! I just found you this morning (teaching Day 1 of Sukkot) and I don't want to miss a single word of your testimony of Yeshuah/Jesus! These truths are SO important for all Christians to know. Like what YESHUAH wrote in the sand! Wonderful teaching! (I always thought it might be the same as the Finger wrote on the wall, Mene mene shekel upsharin, that Daniel interpreted "weighed in the balance and found wanting", and in a sense He WAS saying that to them. THANK YOU for giving the scripture 'addresses' so we can OWN these truths and be better witnesses for our Beloved JESUS! BEAUTIFUL that in these last days, Jews ARE fulfilling their HIGH CALLING to teach converts the WORD of GOD! PRAISE GOD FOR YOU, SIR!!! "May The LORD BLESS you, cause His Face to shine upon you, be gracious unto you and give you His Shalom." ?????✡?

  2. SECRET Things of The LORD our GOD {Deuteronomy 29:29} : king Solomon had been endowed with The Blessed WISDOM so that he may be able to rule The United Kingdom of ISRAEL properly to The Glory of 'The GOD of ISRAEL.' king Solomon had committed The GRAVEST SIN of all by conniving with The Priests and possibly other men as well and all together studied The Holy Scriptures to determine the secrets deeply hidden within it. king Solomon by using The Mathematical Methods of Interpreting The Holy Scriptures had committed a VERY GRAVE SIN! The Holy Scriptures must at all times be treated with Reverence and must not be tinkered with(This is Srictly and Absolutely PROHIBITED by The LORD) for any purposes whatsoever unless they had been SANCTIONED or Given Approval by The GOD of ISRAEL. From this VERY GRAVE SIN came out The Kabbalah and the formation of The Religion of Men called JUDAISM. I truly am ready to be corrected anytime for this, but Deep in My HEART, I truly believe that The Kabbalah{plus other Doctrines that followed} is the very foundation of The Religion JUDAISM. JUDAISM, being practiced by The house of Judah + The Tribe of LEVI + some of The Tribe of Benjamin IS the TRUE REASON why The GOD of ISRAEL will never come back to HIS Dwelling Place in JERUSALEM. The GOD of ISRAEL will Never Be a Servant to anyone much less to all the leaders and god-men of JUDAISM! The GOD of ISRAEL, being 'The CREATOR of EVERYTHING => both the spiritual world + the physical world' knows quite well that these god-men are but just WORMS here on earth! The Truth that all men are just worms HE made sure that it will be known by everyone in this earth because it is all there stated in The Holy Scriptures which HE had given to The Children of Israel thru HIS Servant Moses. To all the god-men not only in Israel but to all the world, please never forget ever the story of 'The Potter and the Clay.' Isaiah 41:14 & Jeremiah 18. To Our Creator GOD only be the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

  3. The Messiah, Archangel Michael, the Saint of Christ has come to Earth to Be the Light Unto the World. He appeared over the Mount of Olives, on 8/8/18, and passed through the Lion’s Gate and of course 888 is the number of Jesus. The Lion of Judah has come! Hallelujah! Christ is Risen!

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  4. Amen, May the Good Lord open the eyes of the Jewish people.

  5. Amen! For who can deny the Lord word? Blessings to you dear Zev as you continue to spread the Lords word!

  6. Did they not change it after the Temple because women where taken by the Romans and some women raped by Roman soldiers? So they based it off the mother being the only known parent?

  7. I've never heard the "geneology from the mother" before. And I've never read it in the Old Covenant either! How strange.

  8. That is interesting…. the blood comes from the man, not the woman. In Mathew it is the genealogy of Mary (she was the only earthly parent Yeshua had). Somebody made a little change at the end, where Yosep begot Miriam, they wrote Yosep, Miriam's husband. Yosep was a very common name in Israel, but they have tried to
    cover with mud our Mesiah, and confuse the Scriptures. I am so glad to see how God has given Zev Porat wisdom to speak the truth, bring light to the jewish people! Praise His Holy Name!!! Keep on being led by the Holy Spirit! it is He who makes all the difference. Praise God!!

  9. Messiah ofisreal sorry I got you wrong I hope this helps you with your work ,Aoc network HAVE DONE SOME GOOD VIDEOS AND ONE IS ABOUT JESUS BEING THE MESSIAH some really good evidence ,I am going to reach out to the Jewish community IN Lincoln UK .

  10. God Bless you efforts Zev….. Praise God for His continued boldness in you in reaching out to all the lost. Jewish, Arabs, China etc.continue on brave soldier and servant of our LORD GOD.

  11. Hallelujah!

    i am coming to Israel this Autumn on a tour with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It would be a great blessing to meet you. Keep up the good fight, brother. Shalom.

  12. Man appointed mortal sorrow, The Blessed God shall come down teaching His death shall bring (the) despairing comfort, rest.

    Mahalael= The Blessed God
    Jared= shall come down
    Methuselah=His death shall bring
    Lamech=(the) despairing
    Noah=comfort, rest

    Genesis 5

  13. Rabbi Zev Porat. Wait a second, Yeshua did not have a human father, only a human mother, so how can He be a descendant from David via the father's lineage if Yosef was not His father? Doesn't Genesis say that it is the seed OF THE WOMAN that will crush the seed of Satan?

  14. The Lord Yahweh incredibly genius and so detail in His Words. Haleluyah

  15. Unbelievable! WOW!!! I'm staggered…. This changes everything for a lot of people with jewish dads who are now jewish! Unbelievable! Oops, already said that.

  16. That is sooo wonderful, how beautiful the Lord is brother.

  17. Shalom, my friend, if we ask Yehovah in Yeshua's name ,He will show the truth ,for He is the power and glory , not man. Yehovah bless you doubly. I can't return to Israel because they're deciding who are Yehovah's people, but my trust is in Yeshua

  18. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all greatly and give you peace for the Lord Jesus Christ said that he will never leave you or forsake you there for the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ never left the world in the spirit but only in the flesh and until his physical return for he who calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ should be saved

  19. How great is our Lord Yeshua and powerfull is his Word,there is an answer for every question,blessings.

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