My Ancestry DNA results are in and in this video I am finding out where my ancestors (and me of course!) are from. There is a shocking discovery!!!! As I have got older and had children of my own I have become more interested in finding out who I am because I didn’t have much of a relationship with my birth father and he has now passed away.

I did this test through This is not a sponsored video I just wanted to take the test and see where I am from.

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FAQ’s ❤

Q: Where is your accent from?
A: I was born and raised to Toronto, Ontario, Canada but moved to Essex in England when I was 14 years old. Hence my mixed up accent.

Q: Do you work? What do you work as?
A: I work in Marketing and PR but I am currently on maternity leave. I am focusing on my vlog while I am on maternity leave and I love it!

Q: Who’s in your family?
A: I have been married to Matt for 7 years, he is the love of my life! We have three sons – Fraser is 6, Caleb is 3 and baby Jackson who was born in September 2016!

Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon G7X and Olympus Pen EPL7.

Q: What lighting do you use?
A: I use natural lighting 90% of the time and a softbox light during the winter / dark evenings.

Q: Where do you get music from?
A: Epidemic Sound, Soundcloud and the Youtube Library.



  1. Before I know the answer, let me have a guess. Some Scandinavian.

    I live in Sweden. I can see some trace.

  2. Very few ancestries are "pure" because of intermarriage – so if you have one or two forefathers (10 generations back or so, which one seldomly knows about…) from Skandinavia who married into the British family, you might have never heard of them etc. 😉

  3. I just ordered my DNA test the other day and I'm super excited to get my results my great grandmothers family all came from Norway so that's Scandinavian my grandfathers family came from Scotland and my other one from Ireland. And I know there will be brittish. Crazy to think they traveled to the bottom on the earth and thats how I was born.

  4. Why don't you mention that you are 2% Asian?

  5. The Irish and even the Brits might have Iberian because the Celts stopped in Spain and France long long ago. Also, if your Native Americans ( from South America) sometimes intermarried with the French and Iberian people. If your Native American relative was Acadian they sometimes came from New Orleans and had French and Spanish blood as they were Creole.

  6. Too much Scandivanian DNA too be "Viking" ancient DNA. Likely a great or great great grandparent was some part Scandivanian. The Viking idea seems overused. But some parts of British Isles have up to 6% Scandivanian just as a matching similarity, probably based on some small amount Viking and then relatively homogeneous ancestry. She looks Scandivanian, particularly Norwegian or Swedish in features (not hair color, this is overused stereotype; I am Swedish, Danish, Norwegian… Swedes in my family has dark brown hair, Norwegians were brunettes, Danes had blonde hair but if course a lot if Danes are brunettes too). I look Danish but my DNA is more Swedish. So she can be British, more by DNA, but have quite a Scandivanian phenotype or physical presentation, especially if mixed British Isles and 13% Scandivania. She happens to look fairly Scandivanian. But if it was "Viking" DNA this would not be the case. She would look British and that 13% would be weirdly buried (well, it just wouldn't be 13%).

  7. It could be the Vikings for Scandinavian. Also a lot of Irish served in Spanish army during the napoleon's reign. Irish was mercenary during history.

  8. Very interesting, Emily! I’m Canadian (Ottawa) and am 1/2 Finnish (usually included in Scandinavian) as the largest population of Finnish outside of Finland live in Thunder Bay, ON. You look a heck of a lot more Scandinavian than I do, lol! I also have a lot of French heritage though I don’t speak it. Anyway, what a neat thing to try…maybe someday ? I’m enjoying your channel as a new subscriber.

  9. Hi, did you actually spoke to your Cousins? I'm really curious as I want to do as well, I'm excited to know? thank you

  10. You honestly believe you are Native American? Lmfao, Blonde hair, blue eyes pale skin. You don’t even know what the true native Americans look like, they were black. You people will believe anything.

  11. Hi Emily! I know this is an older video but wanted to tell you that we did the ancestry DNA kit a few years back and what was really interesting was when my husbands brother did it to compare.

    They had the same regions come up but way different percentages. I’m wondering if it has to do with how dna shows up in us or the person analyzing the results? Anyway just wanted to share in case you have a full sibling who can take it to compare results with. Xo

  12. Thank you Emily, for sharing your life, especially your ancestry. I haven't been through all the comments but I know this from prior reading
    1. Native American tribes and confederations sometimes adopted women and children, even men, from other tribes and of course those of colonial descent. It is possible that your "Mohawk" great grandfather ( he could be of another tribe patrilineally) was descended from colonial settlers, fur traders, deserters or survivors from the French or British armies. Some of the early French settlers in Canada were of Poitevin, Bearnese, even Basque ancestry. That's southwestern France and northwestern Spain and might explain the Iberian ancestry.
    2. Your Polish Jewish great grandfather was possibly of Iberian descent. Many Castilian Jews fled that kingdom post 1390 (start of terrible "pogroms" aimed at forcible conversion) and some went to Poland where the king offered asylum to Iberian Jews for the same reason that the Netherlands did post 1570 or the Netherlands and Prussia and England did for the Huguenots post 1680s. ( I use "pogrom" because that word is so associated with Tsarist Russia.)
    I'm so glad that this option of DNA testing is available now.When I was doing my family history and linking up with distant cousins back in the 1990s, it was a dream to test family yarns and anecdotes versus biological evidence. I'm not interested now, but I wonder if my paternal grandmother had Ahom (Assamese) descent since I have her eyes.

  13. Scandinavian are Vikings since 1000 years ago and forward.. Many Brits have it. Not Poland

  14. Just seen this video since I am starting the journey to doing my own DNA test. The high scandinavian amount means you have a lot of viking ancestry – which makes sense because they were raiding scotland and england 1000 years ago. They would have intermarried with (or just raped) the british natives. The iberian percentage is interesting but it explains why you tan so well in the sun!! Forget about the Polish person. You have no jewish ancestry at all. Or at least they didnt test that part of your DNA. Poland is NOT part of Scandinavia – never has been. Like you I am also of british (english and scottish) ancestry.

  15. Does not come as real suprise to have Scandinavian descent while being from GB. After all present day British Isles were annexed and colonized by vikings between 8th and 10th centuries, who came from, drumm roll, from Scandinavia! The more you know…

  16. You need to call your Mom about this, you accidentally called your sister.

  17. I love that the rumor of a native american great grandfather looks to be true! In most of the dna reveal videos I have seen where someone has a rumor of a nationality, it doesn't seem to show up in the person's results. I love that yours did!

  18. The Scandinavian 12% could be from England or the British Isles many Scandinavian settled in Britain (Vikings) And large parts of England was governed by the Danes (Dane Law) for a very long time. York and Nottingham has a high DNA Scandinavian score and the Isle of Man even higher. Did you have Neanderthal DNA result ?

  19. Weird how you have Native American genes, other wise everything else isn’t surprising at all. I’m from the US and didn’t even have Native American genes, and I was 89% Scandinavian and the rest was Irish and other trace regions.

  20. The Portuguese have been traveling to Canada for centuries. First as explorers and fishermen and then as immigrants in the 20th century. Tens of thousands of Portuguese from both the continent and the Atlantic islands of the Azores and Madeira have settled in Quebec and Ontario. My guess is that your Iberian blood originates from these immigrants, most likely an Azorean. I'm Azorean and I too have blue eyes and blondish hair. Iberian does not mean swarthy.

  21. Sweetheart, i could explain the Spanish part of your body and i believe that you will not believe that…  In the year 1588 the Spanish king Philip II. send an Armada of about 30.000 men under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia with 130 warships to conquer England (Queen Elisabeth I). And with Sir Francis Drake as Vice admiral. However, the English defeated the Spanish Armada after some fights in the canal. The Spanish Armada decided to circumvent the English fleet, trying to attack other destinations, but stormy weather came up and the Spanish Armada had to sail around Scotland to save themselves. On their way supply, food and water run out and the ships were on this long trip nearly wracked. They had to sail on and sailed around Ireland. And there, many of this ships sank, some stranded and several thousands of Spaniards could save themselves to the Irish coast. Since the Irish were often occupied and had to suffer under the British, the Spaniards were there "natural" confederate and many of the thousands Spaniards fled to the Irish shore to save themselves. That's (apart of some other reasons resulting in neolithic and bronze age) the reason why you sometimes see people in Ireland with dark hair and blue eyes… (there is even a song about a "girl with blue eyes and dark hair" from Steve Earl: And maybe that's the reason therefore you have a part of Spain in you. (Apart from that that those DNA tests are far from accurate and that they have many flaws which comes from the undefined and inaccuracy of these tests. I think they are nowadays like what was some times ago palmist or fortune teller. At least it is good to remind people that the are all related with each other, all over the world…)
    Regards, greeting from Germany
    (everybody in related to everybody in this world, so lets make peace…)

  22. You are very funny, especially when you do not know that iberia is Spain and Portugal and saying that's why you get the sun very well … I laugh … but if you know it in Spain there are also blondes or redheads with blue eyes .I see you very green in European history, you speak of the people of the Iberian Peninsula as if they were a special race, most of the Spaniards are genetically Celtic, as is France, Ireland, England and Spain, in Europe.

  23. once Poland used to be invaded by Swedish approx -ly in 16 th century

  24. there are tests that show for how many centuries the generation lived on a certain area or even how many centuries mums generation is old (in thous of years)

  25. The Scandinavians also known as the Vikings settled in Britain many many years ago. So that is obvious that a British person with blond hair might possibly have ancestry from Scandinavians. Also the Spanish went to Ireland many years ago and that is how you probably got the Spanish Iberian influence via Ireland. It makes sense.

  26. Did you not know that Nova Scotia was settled by mostly The Scottish? Also, people from the Iberian Penusila settled and mixed with the Irish and The Scandanavians that invaded GB mixed with the Native Brits. It's a very interesting history!

  27. Nice, I have to tell you tho, Poland is Not scandinavian. Scandinavia = Sweden, Norway, Denmark

  28. I'm smiling and excited right there with you! I could totally feel your genuine excitement and I'm just feeding off your energy!

  29. you're grandpa would've been 16 percent Mohawk… were u expecting that?

  30. Very nice. Don't forget, the French moved to Canada! Got my Ancestry DNA box and had to send it back since the box was opened!!! Very disappointed and now waiting for the new 1. I know I am part British from my father side and mother is German and a little Scottish.

  31. I can definitely see your Moorish features from Spain which is Black features! Your nose is less Nordic and your lip's are somewhat thick!

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