SHOCKING! Ancestry DNA Test Results

SHOCKING! Ancestry DNA Test Results

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I am so pumped to be releasing my Ancestry DNA test results and though its not a review Im happy I made this video I was thinking of maybe trying the 23 and Me DNA test as well and maybe then comparing the two.If there is one question that I have been asked my whole life that question has to be… What race are you?… So now the best part of me making this video is that can now just send them the link. 🙂



  1. Lol she's worried she's very mixed because she cant find her identify, she doesnt know what it feels to be latino, you might be indian native, mixed with European, African and Asian lol I am Mexican and I have a bit of everything in me and most of the people that see me dont think I'm Mexican because of the mix, but it's all good lol

  2. Your diverse ethnic background have made you a very lovely young woman. Walk tall and be proud, my sister.

  3. You look a bit like an 'Asian' version of Jennifer Lawrence. But where are the 17 trace regions, you talked about? I mean, that's the cool part…you never shared them in your video….Why?

  4. You should print business cards with your ethnicity on them. Then if someone asks you, you don't even have to open your mouth, just hand them the card

  5. I think you look like a big mix of things. I've been watching those DNA test videos all day long and the wild mixtures are not that hard to spot. It's funny.

  6. Boring!!!!! Blah blah blah. Take off your clothes and bend over. I’d like to see that!

  7. Well, I always thought you were gorgeous. I have not taken the DNA test yet but I did get on Ancestry. My friend is Italian nobility… me… well, Scottish and broke ass people from Alabama. lol.

  8. What did you gain and what was your purpose for taking this test? You are not diverse lmao.

    If you knew what the hell you were talking about, you'd know that the root word of diverse is divide. You are certainly not divided.

  9. People ask me that……..I'm like everything! I got Irish, Mongolian, African American, Italian, Albanian, Siberian, Native American, and Asian. Still just me though 🙂

  10. Your ethnicity is the language/culture YOU were raised in. Your nationality is which country you can't be kicked out of. Neither are about genetics.

    Testing your DNA will reveal just 47 packages of DNA ("bloodlines"). Your mother has 23 and your father 24 that won't show up in your test.

    There are no genes for nationality or ethnicity. DNA-ancestry tests merely compare your packages of DNA with those of others, and tell you where (almost) identical packages are most commonly found. Forget about "percentages".

    001island is correct: there are no races of humans

  11. sunshyne monroe I have 0% African I am 97.5% Native American & 2.5% Irish.

  12. Another Mud Blood ……………………..

  13. You dont need to explain yourself to anyone. Just say im me. Im puerto rican, seven generation and everyone said i looked italian. Low and behold my dna was 39% italian.

  14. The thumb down are Blacks pissed at you for not identifying as Black. LMAO. Nice video gorgeous
    Btw. It is really great that you did not subscribe to the old slave master one drop rule of black blood makes you black. You are an evolved person with common sense.
    Now, some black Americans would threaten you and call you names because you did not call yourself black and that makes them.feel good whenever someone who is racially ambiguous call themselves Black! It's a low self worth and crab in the barrel mentality! Sad

  15. In some countries you are White or Middle Eastern. Browning/ Mulatta/ Morena/ Creole.

  16. It would have been great to hear what the remaining 50% results.
    I can tell that you are trans but It''s difficult for me to identify you by any particular race because I can't see the texture of your hair and you look like you've had a considerable amount of cosmetic surgery.

  17. Blah blah blah you're 17 different other nationalities and narcissistic.

  18. Outstanding video, those DNA tests are fantastic. No matter what your ethnicity is people love and appreciate you. Keep being the Sunshine everyone loves. Many of us are multiracial and all have mixed, blended families, it is always difficult when you are a beauty like yourself and people cant tell exactly what your heritage is. My family is very diverse and we love it. My nephews are of Korean heritage, and the rest of the family are a mixture of Latin America, Northern Africa, and Morocco. Rainbows are beautiful in the sky and in families. Stay strong Ms. Sunshine!! er

  19. I didn't make the rules. it was the degrees of blackness during slaxery. house blacks was lighter. and treated better but they were still so called slaves. but you are right. to me you are black period. it for you to choose . if you are raised around whites, you are going to choose white. if you're around blacks you will know your black and be proud of it. no matter your shade 9f blackness.

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