Shocking Ancestry DNA Results !!

Shocking Ancestry DNA Results !!

We waited and waited until the results finally came in. They uncovered some pretty shocking information about both of our past. Rick was given some bad news but he took it well. Watch to find out where we came from !



  1. 27% scandinavian – means you have Viking ancestry and that matches up with the british ancestry as well – because the Vikings were raiding the brits all the time – between 800 and 1200 years ago!!

  2. Iberian Peninsula includes Portugal not just Spain. Italians or Romans, were there for approx 500 years. So her Italian part could come from Iberia as well as can her Jewish ancestry.

    Jews in Spain

    Attributing her attractive looks as being definitely derived exclusively from Iberia or Spain is illogical since physical appearances vary in Spain from Nordic to Mediterranean just as they do in Italy and all other southern European and Eastern European countries. This doesn't come as a surprise to people who are familiar with Iberian history which shows both Celts and Germanic tribes located there for centuries and are even the Celts that wound up in Ireland via immigration from Spain.

    Britain's Celts Came from Spain!

    Celt Iberians

    Germanic Tribes in Spain = 300 years

    Even Britain has its darker people who are not what one would expect a British person to look like. Romans were there for 300 years so that also can be a source of Italian ancestry.

    Romans in Britain

    Such statements that a person looks a certain way because of being traced to a certain country are based on the misconception that nationality is race-a concept which seems deeply ingrained in the USA mindset. Ironically, it's a CONCEPT which they refuse to apply to the USA but eagerly apply to other areas.

  3. Spanish people all came from Rome in ancient time, they both are the Latin race

  4. Cute girl don't feel bad if you ave some Italian and some Hispanic blood in you you mite have some black blood in you also ok cute girl

  5. Homeboy said because he's black, but he's barely light brown .

  6. soul brother !!!!! get used to it. No Indian…so you can quit the ''mo had high cheekbone shit''.

  7. I thought Sam was of Latino mixed blood, but Rick you look like a black arab . Why would you think it was native american?

  8. Hilarious. She wanted some African dna and he wanted native American dna. They are funny.

  9. They mixed up your results with someone else's results. (kidding)

  10. my biggest concern is that the DNA agencies are always collecting DNA data for themselves..

  11. Don't worry Samantha…no matter what your results say, you have some black(African) in you…we all do! =)

  12. the guy is literally from all over the world madness

  13. that was a really well done video and u guys are cute and very entertaining! kudos!!!! and btw, u got a very scandinavian face grrl!

  14. READ the small print under Greek/Italian. It doesn't even mean that you're either Greek or Italian.

    It actually has 18 other countries that are classified as Greek and Italian such as Croatian Austrian France Serbia Hungary Bosnia Algeria etc

    So basically all of south Europe and North Africa. These tests are shit! Try 23andme

  15. What are you doin' here, I thought I told you to go… LOL!

  16. I got 57% Scandinavian.
    31% Europe West.
    5% Ireland.
    3% Eastern Europe.
    2% Great Britain.
    2% Finland/Russia.

  17. Ha ha ha !!! You guys are hilarious. I have to watch your video again . It's been the funniest DNA results I've seen. Awsome

  18. Rick you 100 percent gorgeous!

  19. I got Mine Last Mouth

    Africa 2%
    Africa North 1%
    Africa Southeastern 1%

    Europe 89%
    Great Britain 40%
    Italy/Greece 14%
    Europe West 12%
    Ireland 8%
    Scandinavia 8%

    Low Confidence Region
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Europe East 2%
    Lberian Peninsula 1%

    America 7%
    Native American 7%

    West Asia 2%
    Caucsus 2%

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