SHOCKING ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS! Turkey/Armenia/Middle East?!!

SHOCKING ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS! Turkey/Armenia/Middle East?!!

Finally my ancestry DNA results are in!! Watch to find out what my racial make up is!

You guys are always asking me if I’m Persian, Latina, Middle Eastern…. So you finally get answer!



  1. شكلك ارمني بس ليش مصدومة ياعنصرية تفو عليكي وعلى اصلك

  2. Hair looks turkish, eyes are Armenian. Either way you’re hella pretty ❤️

  3. she looks like kurdish. apperently from Adıyaman. lol

  4. I am Armenian and I can see something Armenian in you

  5. You have what they call, "sad Armenian eyes"

  6. She has armenoid phenotype. It's native to Armenian highlands. Not my favorite though.

  7. So what do you identify yourself as? Where are your parents from?

  8. Because of the part Spanish you also remind me a lot of Penelop Cruz too 🙂

  9. Where did you get the DNA test? 23andMe? I've been wanting to take a DNA test forever, many people never can get where I was born right! lol

  10. Why not? you look Turkish/Armenian girl!

  11. Bottom line is half of turkey Used to be armenian land/territory. Turks are from Central Asia and look Asian. Let that be clear to people

  12. You def look Armenian. Turkish, look like Armenians, Georgians Greeks, Arabs cuz of all the mixing they’ve done.

  13. Also people need to understand the modern Turks in Turkey only have about 10-20 percent if any of the central asian DNA from the original Turks who invaded Anatolia in the 11th century, most of their DNA comes from 3 places Anatolia meaning Armenian and Greek, the levant, and European from one million slavic women brought to Anatolia, Turks today have more Armenian or Greek blood then central Asian, I know hard to believe but go look at other DNA tests and do some reading.

  14. Modern Turks DNA is a mix of the Original Turks who invaded Anatolia from central asia (Seljik Turks) in the 11th century the people of Anatolia Armenians and Greeks, as well as the countries the Ottoman empire conquered in the levant, and European blood from the one million slavic women brought to the ottoman empire as slaves mainly from the Ukraine. You really look Armenian especially your eyes and your DNA test isn’t a surprise 1/3 of your DNA is of Armenian ancestry almost every modern Turk has some Armenian DNA especially after Armenian genocide when many orphan children were adopted and assimilated into Turkish culture and religion along with many women.

  15. After hearing this, I get the impression that you're ancestral family tree may be a mix between Armenians and either a Levantine or North African Homeland. That can be cleared up, if you post your recent family tree ancestry.

  16. Ancestry DNA is very good, but they shouldn't bundle together Armenians and Turks.

  17. you're not turkish. your results is normal because you don't have any east asian siberian admixtures

  18. Turks are not ethnic For the region they appeared only in 11th century unlike Armenia which was formatted as nation in that region 3 – 4 thousand years ago. So your 37 % is Armenian. And also there is a huge Armenian genetic percentage in Turks too.

  19. The DNA tells a lot of how humans migrated from Africa. The wether and climate can really change people appearance over time.

  20. my results are very similar to yours:
    I got 39% west middle east
    31% Asia minor
    15% east middle east
    I also got 6% southeast Europe

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