1. pr are taino indians itailian spanish african and whatever race the pirates was when they came

  2. WAO QUE TRISTEZA, se alegró más de saber de q tiene descendencia europea q africana. Uno tiene q estar orgulloso de sus raíces. Y si dices lo contrario, tus gestos dicen más q mil palabras. Recuerda q este es el propósito de estos videos, de captar las reacciones de los resultados y es lo q proyectastes.

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  4. DAWN HORTON ?? The IGNORANCE that Brazil has the highest population of Blacks in the world fails to to mention that Blacks in Brazil constitute only the third largest ethnic group of Brazil with only around 14 million citizens or 7% of the population. The USA has a bigger population of Blacks of about 14%. ONLY 7%…Ignorant black-washer‼️

  5. Most of the Middle East is in Asia, Asia is a geographical term and Middle East is a political term

  6. Aniadayahu Moncrieffe…Pardon my sometimes rough reply. I like you. I'm really a pussy cat. Interested in your perceptions of the world. I taught Latin American Studied at graduate levels. I'm very familiar with Brazil. Lived in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America Traveled to over 42 countries including Africa. I hope to hear from you. ?

  7. She's not happy to be from Africa she likes everything else.

  8. Many ppl forget that iberia and Africa have always been migrating up and down
    Isn't Andalusia founded by the too?
    Moors are forgotten it seems.

    And not all blacks were brought forcefully
    At least according to

  9. Okay I really enjoyed your video here, however, I want to say something. First of all I am of Spanish descent and I am not sure where you assume that blue eyes and green eyes hail from Spain? Spain is a latin Mediterranean country. Only about 20% of the populous havecolored eyes like that. This would be from the add mix of the past with the Celts, Vikings and Germanic people. Most Spaniards in Spain look latin/ Mediterranean that which they are. The skin can be from fair to dark brown, given the fact of the proximity of the climate and its close proximity also to N Africa. By the way I have black hair, very dark brown eyes and am olive complexion. Also the Italian or Greek or North African or even Arab that you have acquired is probably attained thru your Spanish heritage. This would be due to those people colonizing Spain. Many Puerto Ricans have a great abundance of Spanish either full or meztizo, if they are not black or partial black ancestry. But you can find add mix of Sub Saharan African in Spain as well. Contrats on your results and you 2 seem like a super cool pareja. Bendiciones!! J

  10. You are a gorgeous, sexy, hermosa, puertorriqueña. You got all that boricua in you!!

  11. Greek, Italian and other Europeans are one race. That is majority white. So IMO, when some one is 16% African something and other percentages of different European that would make them mostly of white ancestry.

  12. that woman needs to get rid of that man…he is a bully and a future abuser…dont let him bully you and deny your many other racial make up..to say that your just spaniard is abuse

  13. I think your my cousin. I have Angelica Velazquez on my Dna Match list

  14. Columbus and crew were Iberian. Anything saying African means indigenous Americans shipped to Africa. Not many actual Indigenous Africans made it past South America. Those that did were absorbed into our indigenous populations. In the 13 colonies, for example, only a little over 100k Africans were shipped to the East coast, because the enslavement of indigenous Peoples began in the 1500's. To be perfectly honest, anyone of European descent, born in the Americas, is A UNITED STATES CITIZEN. We are the only Americans here, even though we were educated/indoctrinated to think we are everything but American, though old dictionaries say otherwise (especially legal dictionaries). It's been documented by the invaders. The Americas is a negrito/negro continent!!!!! Puerto Rico isn't a State because The Secretary of State for the U.S. is in Puerto Rico not D.C., allowing for international Law to be layered with Common, Civil AND Ecclesiastical/Canon Law, all governed by Uniform Commercial Code. One thing I've learned through my studies is the Peoples can't actually read. There's no way to fully grasp the language or the sick, demonic games being played without a Bible, Bouvier's and Black's law dictionaries, as well as an unabridged collegiate dictionary, and the Uniform Commercial Code book. There's a reason the Barbarians kept a Bible AND Law dictionary in their households. The old saying goes, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". Why would anyone feel the legal pirates feel any obligation to teach us the language or the game? As long as we keep checking the wrong box (anything but Native American is a legal fiction and we have no standing in law because we are in dishonor by default for not honoring our mothers and fathers ancestry) on the multitudes of contracts we're conditioned into signing without a second thought, we deny our ancestral birthright. Make no mistake, Europe was not always Caucasian. The Barbarians assumed the titles of Nobility from those conquered, which is why they still are known as The Black Nobility today. The Vatican and London hold most of our birthright Estate in offshore Trust. We don't know how to read, so the principle beneficiaries never get paid, just raped. Anywhere you see your name in all caps, you're looking at a person(legal fiction/strawman/commercial entity). Man has no name besides 'I Am' as we are the last will and testament of The Creator, made flesh to steward the Earth, not as conquerors and rulers, but as emissaries of The Great Spirit. We are the Light of The World, but we no longer recognize that "feeling" of wrongness and disorder, as an alarm clock sent from The Most High. It's in us, but barbarians may only wear it like a clothing because they operate outside of Natural Law, thus against the will of The Creator. They've turned American against American. Nobody likes Mexicans because they have forgotten who they are and adopted their Spaniard murderers hatred of melanated Peoples. We've all been fed lies by them since day #1. We didn't treat them as trees to be arbitrarily chopped down and shaped into our desires. No, we welcomed them, fed them, nursed those sickly, short-lived creatures back into the image of Man, and tried to teach them to live clean lives, but they refused to bathe being afraid they'd get sick and die. LOL ? ?? ?? ?
    Who did they say were savages and heathens and heretics?????? Hmm?????

  15. Just an observation, but I’ve realised a lot of Latino’s get shocked to learn they’re Spanish native & sometimes African. I thought it was common knowledge. That’s what usually makes someone that’s latino

  16. so you're 1/4 African, 1/4 Spanish, and 1/5 Native American. cool.

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  18. notice 'he' doesn't want to acknowledge her 'black/african' 20%. Rather embracing the DNA of slave oppressors/slave trade of Europe/Portugal and Spain, [British, Irish slavers], also moving through the Arab slave trade. Even embracing the less than 1% DNA of Syria, as do the majority of Latinos. It's unfortunate that many Puerto Ricans don't know of the colonialization/invasion of Puerto Rico by the Italians and Greeks [Christopher Columbus], who sought to destroy the indigenous Taeno Native Americans. How did you get to Puerto Rico? You were indigenous AFRICANS of West AFRICA moving through the varying slave trade ports of Europe/Spain/Portugal/Arabia with boat stops to Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Porto Rico, Carribeans, Central America, Americas etc. Colorism and racism has infected us all.

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