1. Thanks for all the comments everyone! I really appreciate all the love! 🙂 I said a lot of incorrect things so please ignore! I was pretty overwhelmed at the time with excitement lol

  2. hello, I just come to explain the Greek and Italian presence in your family tree, indeed to the high antiquity the Greeks colonized the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

  3. for your personal knowledge, Spain was a Greek colony and conquered by the Romans who to build the cities

  4. u should be proud u got Puerto Rican in u a beautiful island and we party lol

  5. Your british dna prob comes from Spanish inmigrants.

  6. Puerto Rican is not a race your young but you should learn the history most puertoricans have african,European ancestry they are like mongrels mixed with.everything

  7. No sweetie your dad will be Spain or European and African with native American.

  8. We don't all have the same background and the native from P.R. are the Arawak. Anybody that is born on the island is P.R. is just a nationality. P.R. isn't a race. lol

  9. I'm live here in Puerto Rico. It basically boils down to..1/3 Iberian peninsula (spain) 1/3 African 1/3 Taino Indian. Most Spaniards are from east of Spain Cataluña.

  10. Puerto Rican, you could be anything! Very true because Puerto Rican is not a race. It is an island with thousands of years of migrations .

  11. Northern Africa are not black they had the phoenicians that were white then Arabic influence

  12. this is so cool! I'm in the same boat as you like I thought I was super italian since my mom's whole side is italian (I even have an italian passport) but it turns out I'm only 11% italian but like 18% iberian and I DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT COMES FROM IM SO CONFUSED

  13. read history, puerto rico was colonized by Spain, Italians , french,, so read first then you will get it. Puerto Rico History….

  14. 11 percent African but 8 percent indian was nothing to you. That’s less than 20 percent combined and less than a quarter. Your a European point blank.

  15. It's on your inside… <3 //You do look European

  16. PR is not a race. Are you really that shook that you're 11% African? You're from an island that was a slave trade port. I have PR friends that are blonde w/blue eyes & others that are DR/David Ortiz dark and even Panamanian friends that are very dark, yet Brazilian friends that are light. PR is a mini melting pot. BTW, the Vikings invaded the UK, so that explains the Scandinavian DNA. You should think about reading up on world history.

  17. 22% british. your lucky im only 13% british and i was born uk

  18. I’m sorry but you’re a very uniformed and ignorant of Puerto Rican culture. You obviously need to have more conversations with your dad. It makes me a bit mad to see white-washed people like you that have no sense or grasp of their culture. This is why history is so important. You are merely ethnically Puerto Rican, not culturally. And I know that I sound low key racist, but it’s not that you’re too white, it’s that you’re too ignorant. It’s fine if you’re only half Puerto Rican, but please make an effort to understand what that means, or don’t call yourself it. Puerto Ricans are literally a mix of everything. Both my parents took the DNA test and with them combined I have everything but Asian and Aboriginal.

  19. Ok well maybe your dad is very Italian because a lot of Corsicans (ethnically Italian people) settled in the West of Puerto Rico in Yauco.

  20. I think everyone should do DNA tests because it help reduce racial hatred

  21. Young lady, when Christopher Columbus left to America you already had 8 million great grand parents.

  22. sameee my mom is white and my dad is puerto rican!!

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