SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Kit Results !!!

SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Kit Results !!!

Here is my SHOCKING Ancestry DNA kit results…im legit still shook. Check it out!

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  1. You are 23% Jewish almost a 1/4 and 26% Asian/Thai if you add all the Asian and the Indian(India) which is all from your grandmother.

  2. Now ur husband can say that every time he sees u he sees his world??✌

  3. You can see by the percentages the journey one or more of your grand/grandparents went through. How cool! I believe one of them was a full jew someone else maybe a half jew? the whole Kazakhstan, central Asia middle east, east Europe is where a lot of Ashkenazi jews connect..

  4. Something like 85% of all the Jews in the US live in NY, Fla, and CA. There's nothing racist about it, lol. That was cute. Glad you're happy about your diverse background. Now, go get some history books and learn about those regions and try and find more of your family by doing a family tree on You'll love it!

  5. A better word for "mutt" is "cosmopolitan" … the term mutt should be reserved for dogs IMO.

  6. I'm native American and I can see that you might have native American results too

  7. Central Asia is not Middle East. Middle East is primarily comprised of Arab states, whereas Central Asia is comprised of Turkic and Persian people.

  8. Fake accent to boot and fake reaction…nobody is about to cry about this result…lol

  9. I love how these DNA tests go hahaha everyone is expecting to find out some amazing shit hahaha u fools… you are you where your ancestors come from means shit and in the end we are all human and if u wanna go back to the beginning of your race then look no farther we are all from Africa. And that should unite us all as a people..

  10. One thing is for sure….Everyone is 100% Human

  11. you are a daughter of the human as i am a boy of the human. love from afghanistan

  12. I wanna take this but the idea that I could be Russian or German makes me back away a little.

  13. Thank goodness, my DNA was 53% Ireland and 47% Scotland, Wales and England. Definitely not a mutt. Ancestors came to America in the early 1700s to the Carolinas. Lineage rampant with "O"'s, Mac"s.and names ending in "son".

  14. Of course you're a mutt, who isn't? It's a good thing in my book. The muttier the better :0)

  15. You are so adorable! I love the feels!! ♡♡ subscribes

  16. why on earth do you want the government to have your dna??

  17. You kinda look like the old kylie jenner

  18. Haven’t heard her results yet but I’m guessing she’s going to around 50% British & Irish. 25% west European. 15% Iberian peninsula. 5% Eastern Europe and 3% caucuses and 2% Native American.

  19. Whatever you are, you’re beautiful inside & out! Love Diane from England. X

  20. So u had no idea u were Jewish?? I’m waiting on my results and have always been drawn to Judaism and I’m hoping that I find that I’m Jewish bc it would just make so much since haha

  21. With all the Scandinavian, East Asian and Eastern Jewish roots. Basically what this is telling you is that you are EASTERN EUROPEAN. ALOT of Jews come from these areas and that's where the dark features come from. You are mostly Slav pretty much. Slav being a generic term for Eastern Russians/Jews/Ukranians etc.

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