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Here is my DNA Ancestry results video that I have been waiting for for over 6 weeks!!!

Just incase people get too sensitive about a video like this, I am still Albanian and i classify myself as being Albanian.



  1. It’s a DNA test people not a cultural test. She is clearly proud to be Albanian so are so many insecure ppl attacking her?

  2. Most "Albainians" are Greeks…. Dont worry girl!!!
    Its reasonable…
    We welcome you are our Greek sister 😀

  3. Greek Albanian and Turkey show the same DNA. there the same people on DNA.

  4. If your from Kosovo why dont you say your from Kosavo not Albania cos thats a different country.

  5. You do not look Greek. Greeks are usually very dark ethnic looking you look white to me.

  6. Kosovo is not independant country.Kosovo is the place in Serbia. You are Serbian girl ✌


  8. Its like mix Rome empire, Ottoman empire, Yugoslavia and Albania (Balkans) ^_^ 🙂

  9. These DNA tests are more useful for Americans than Europeans. To an American it might be interesting to learn about Slavic, Asian or African ancestry since Americans are so mixed but for someone from Albania, it should be of little surprise that there is a genetic similarity to Greeks and Italians.

  10. o njerz me vrimë ne bythe grekët janë krijuar nga romaket, ata ishin ilir nuk po them une shkenca thot keshtu, dhe ta bëjmë nje analiz shkencore dhe tshohim qa dalin greket.
    qjan kto adn teste paushall

  11. I am Turkish.and i know Albanians are not Turkish.please dont say them "you are Turkish"greetings from Turkey.

  12. My husband is Albanian (Kosova) and his dna-result came out that he was 70% greek and the rest Italian and Iberian. Albanians will mostly get greek/ italian in their dna results because there is no "albanian dna". ?

  13. Actually the older Greeks and Italians are Albanian origins not the other way , they Always labeled Albanians that are orthodox Christian Greeks and the catholic Albanians Italian. Like the All Albanian in Italy town called greci because greeks tried to label us Greek because they happen to be orthodox Christians look up senator Alfonse Dioguardi who was born in Italy he’s a Albanian that was labeled Greek and labeled his town greci they Always called us Greek or Italian

  14. You need to find out your "DNA Haplogroups" on these DNA tests – Paternal Line (YDNA) and Maternal Lines (mtDNA) – they give better insights. You need a test that provides these results, perhaps a "Brother" could do this so the XY chromosomes are tested in your immediate family (whilst as a female you cannot determine YDNA Haplogroup). These Autosomal DNA results can be skewed based on whatever DNA samples these companies obtain. Based on your phenotype you look Albanian but there could be potentially some slavic or dacian mixing – given skin and eye colour tones. Greek and Italic mixing is inevitable in Balkans I think also if you trace back enough, same with Turkish and further south there were a lot of Jews.

  15. Cukleta shko kshyr ancestry ka ba përditsi (update) qite n’youtube t’rejën .

  16. It's vague and it's suposed to be vague as biology is very similiar across huge regions. Different cultures develop and persist over similiar humans.

    So there is no "national DNA", some holy private haplotype, my dear medieval knights. Relax.

  17. Albania was a province of Eastern Roman Empire (Greek Empire) and many rich Greeks settled in Albania. When Ottoman empire took over they used Albania to convert people forcefully to fight their own families, the Turks were not genetic lineage, they were purely ideological empire by brainwashing children and forcing people. I am Greek from Cyprus and our DNA results shows our family all over living in Albania, Greece, Cyprus and potentially half of family converted to Turkish. (We have stories of them, but we were not sure.) Our direct family remained as we are today, Christian and Greek and in total resistance to Ottomans. Even Pashas and Sultans were potentially from our family, related and married but were also important Greeks prior to Ottomans. Today we have this fanatical ideological ideas of nationalism all over balkans, there is no such real thing as Albanians, they were northern Province of Albania and there was unique people there even before Alexander the Great, but were llyians…. many upon Many Rich and Famous Greeks even Roman Emperors settled in Albania because of trade routes snd made new families. With llyians… Also, when the Ottoman Empire took over, they were excellent at Manipulation and Propaganda. They used Albania province and people to create a new identity and to create opposition to Greek and Slavic provinces, and they did a very good job. You related to us and literally our cousins, but lost in propaganda. (Even shows in DNA results 4th to 9th cousins in albania,Greek and etc) Also, Southern Italians are Greek. Italian is new language from recent few hundred years mix German and Latin, many were forced to change names, language and identity 900 years ago, so remain Greek but are usually on East Coast. My dear, your identity is a product of propaganda. Your lineage is related to US, not them. And FYI many Greeks lived in Middle East, like Lebanon , Syria, Turkey, Egypt even before Alexander the Great. Most converted to Islam and forced to change languages, while few others hide their language and kept it alive… Greeks civilized the world , and were not cruel people, they were loved because they loved the people and wanted to makd them better by spreading education, arts, language, histories, geography , medicine, olympics, and even humanitarian aid… they did this for almost 3,000 years, many people love Greeks because of what did they did for people, they didmore good than harm when they were u power… and you should be proud of that ! It was very confusing to us at first, but now it makes sense after many hours of studying, tracing marriages and land registrations. Learning about Ottomans.

  18. Why're you surprised… Albania and that entire region was apart of the Roman empire for practically 2000 years.

  19. Kosovo and Metohya (that's correct title of the area) was through history part of Serbia and it's Serbian land. Only as such, part of Yugoslavia.

  20. BaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sucked in with your fake ass illyrian bullshit verbal you Analbanians truly are full of shit aren't you bahahahahahaha truths out yous aren't a race.

  21. albanian girl is crying because of Greek/Italian Blood….wtf is wrong with this girl??haha…false pride or happy tears?? 😉

  22. Italy is next to Albania – it was originally part of the Roman empire…………. just look at the map……simple logisitics really – Greeks even had settlements in Ireland before the Celts.

  23. Thing is back in the day their was albanians that mixed with turks due to religion, and catholic christian albanians that mixed with greeks due to religion, and orthodox wiv serbs, usually when one keeps a bloodline and know their family tree only the male side is represented, i theorise that with albanians that do have foreign dna(not bad at all) they have been mixed with wives

  24. Absoulutly bullshit abiut Jews dispersing from middle east . They never left Palestine . Eurooean Jews are white converts , like black Jews are converts . There is no Jewish DNA , itls a zionist lie to condone the theft of Palestine . Sharing Jewish DNA means you and some European of the Jewish faith share DNa with other Europeans .

  25. KOSOVA ësht shqiptarii MOJ nuk ka kosovo por shqiperi ETNIKEE!! ??????
    Not greek!! You are ilirijan MOJ!! The country from RAKIJA and folklorik balkan songs të qifsha kaurrat

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