SHE’S AFRICAN! ? Ancestry DNA Results!

SHE’S AFRICAN! ? Ancestry DNA Results!

Disclaimer: By saying she is black we were in no way trying to be racist. Yes, 1 part of her African heritage has other “colors” in it but 2 parts have “black” people. We studied a lot more than what you see filmed here. We knew from her dads DNA that she would have African but we didn’t know how much. In fact, she is very excited to have DNA from many different areas of the world. It’s ok to be excited about that. We completely and totally embrace our heritage. We can’t erase the past and the way we “assume” this DNA happened. We can only move forward and love each other as we are. I personally feel like these DNA tests are very eye opening and shows just how alike we all are and how we are ALL descended from One God

We finally got our DNA back. It took 6 weeks from the time we ordered it because our first samples were unusable. So they sent us new kits and here we are!

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  1. Ancestry just updated all of our DNA results and there have been some changes! More accurate and pinpointed including new parts of Africa! SUBSCRIBE so you will know when I upload the update ??

  2. I dont agree with term all people came from africa and if they did where from most blacks in many countries derived from west sub Saharan Africa thats why its jard to distinguish blacks and where they from because many where brought to usa from west central africa like nigeria cameroon congo Ghana white people. Normally derived from European people and you have the asians and arab race different set of group of people

  3. Maybe you might be South african cause there are white South Africans (Being factual)

  4. The last girl was really mixed. You would never know it from looking at her.

  5. That whole dna thing is just a hoax they’re just collecting your dna and feeding you hogwash.

    But you will trust them even though they’re not operating with any accountability.

    It’s really sad.

  6. welcome to Africanist,it's so good to have different DNA

  7. LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes BLACK lol U mean Middle eastern from N Africa and come on dont tell her nonsense that shes black…. Look at M Carey…. N American Native is simply Altai Rusia south of Moscow. These is NOT 100%… DNA trash is not 100%…

  8. Blacks who think they are superior because they have no Neanderthal are woefully ignorant as to what it means to be homo sapiens.

  9. That was nice. A white girl found out she's black too.

  10. She says "Scandinavian? Where's that?" Americans sure are stupid. They must have really lousy schools.

  11. Her ancestry results seem to suggest Latino heritage. Latinos usually have a mixture of European, Native American and Sub-Saharan African with Iberian being a part of the European ancestry. She has all of these parts with a large amount of Native American ancestry. Any Spanish sounding surnames in your family? That would make it conclusive.

  12. She's not black. She's white. Black is a race, not an ethnicity.
    Genetically, yes, she's a little African, but even then very little subsuharan which is where the Black phenotype originates.

  13. If someone doesn't know what scandinavia is – ehm-….. gosh what do they teach you there at schools…. ?!?!?!?!

  14. I don't believe these DNA test, I believe some blacks or liberals work there and lie to distort history as they always are doing 100% WHITE and proud of it

  15. race doesn't exist. you are a human being, the end. categorizing ourselves separates us from our human brethren. There is only one race, the human race and we are all the same 🙂

  16. EVERYBODY comes from black, no matter how much you water it down, EVERY human is African rooted…?

  17. Let's just realize one vital thing. Mixed marriages and relationships between black and white chattel bond laborers were very common in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia in era of 1630-1700 and not so rare even in 1800's as sometimes believed.

  18. Small African American percentages could get you lynch in 1800s south. Remember the 1% rule back then meant black. Which means everyone could be potentially lynched

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