School of DNA | Ancestry

School of DNA | Ancestry

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When you’re a kid you think your parents know everything, but how much do they really know about their own story?

We asked the pupils from a school in London where they thought their parents were from, and then asked their parents the same question. They thought they knew the answer, but an AncestryDNA test was about to change the way they saw themselves, and the world. Find out what happened next when we let the kids reveal their own parents’ AncestryDNA results.

Many thanks to Miss Metin and all the kids, parents and staff at Southwold Primary School in Clapton, London who made this video possible.

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School of DNA | Ancestry



  1. "You share a great great great great grandparent" – I suspect they share two !

  2. The ones that were 4th cousins!!!! i was gobsmacked!!!! Just incredible!!!

  3. I just got my genetics done and also found that I was from over 18 different countries and all four races: Caucasian, African, Asian and Native American! It just blew my mind! Then I was told that my parents weren't African as I assumed but multi-racial and that my grandparents were most likely European! It changes who I am now looking for! I only hope I can find them before they pass away!

  4. "We are from London and my cat is from the pet shop" hahaha lmao im dyinggg

  5. My great great timess 150 grand parents probably be adam and eve

  6. I just hope that all the kids had their parents permission to take part in this project. But otherwisem it was a very nice video,.

  7. I was OK until the "cousins" were introduced – and then I needed tissues, LOTS of them ! After my Ancestry DNA test I got emails from several different people telling me that they had had their DNA done as well and I had been identified as related to them. We are now doing our family trees to see where the connection comes from. I have learned SO much about my parents' backgrounds that even they didn't know. My mother's great-grandfather had TWO families: a wife and 5 children; and a few miles away on the other side of a river, a mistress with whom he had 5 children as well. My mother came from the "bastard" side of the family which made us all laugh. There was much speculation about how her great-grandfather managed two families without them finding out about each other ! It's been such an incredible "journey" and it isn't over yet. It's like an archaeological dig – just when you think you've pulled the last item out of the hole, a new layer reveals a new treasure to dig out.

  8. 4:34 That girl ?? Her mother is hugging with another woman and they are both crying and she is like "wtf mum" ?

  9. Race mixing is disgusting. Just look at what these left wing pricks have done to the ethnic homogenous of Britain. We were once the most ethnically homogenous country in Europe, now it's become a country for the world.

  10. So my grandma got hers tested and she came back as 84% Europe West, probably specifically in Germany. Because her parents parents are from Germany and so is everyone else. So I got mine tested… and mine came out as 83% Great Britain…… I’m a little bit confused ?

  11. I have a DNA video I posted a while back, me and my mom were waiting for the results and she passed away before I could share. So now I'm getting all these DNA videos suggested to me, just sad to me, when i was so looking forward to sharing the results with her.

  12. i love the fact that the the DNA expert gets so emotional with thepeople recieving the information. Yo can seehe loves doing that, its really beautiful

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