Romanian guy Ancestry DNA test results

Romanian guy Ancestry DNA test results

I took the AncestryDNA test! I found some interesting stuff about my ancestry and about my possible ancestors. Some things were expected, some were not, watch my video to find out!

Skip to 2:45, if you’re interested just in the results.


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  1. they just added native american just to mess with you

  2. Refreshing to see a guy read his DNA results and know exactly what they mean.

    So many idiots read them and are confused and baffled at pretty ordinary results… the funniest are the Mexicans shouting "Oh my God, I have European in me? How? What does Iberian mean?".. lol.

  3. Hi! I'm not sure if you would know this already, but that South Asian percentage you received could be indicative of Romani ancestry. My family has been in America for many generations, but we always had this rumor that a branch of our family was Czech/Hungarian Romani. Took a DNA test and did some genealogical research and found out that it was true! The Romani originate from Northern India/Pakistan, so it might make sense! Best, Isabella

  4. Very informative! I'm half Romanian, half American so I'm very interested to know how my DNA test would look haha I just don't trust it enough to actually do it

  5. your ancestry results is showing that you have Hungarian and Polish dna , the dotted circle lines indicates you are from there 100%

  6. Native Americans are descendants of Siberians who migrated from Siberia to the Americas via Alaska thousands of years ago. ??????????
    Furthermore, your Native American ancestry could be Siberian or Mongolian ancestry due to the Huns, Tartars orHuns who were Asiatic and invaded Eastern Europe.

  7. First Eastern European DNA results I've seen. Your accent reminds me of Vlad in Bram Stocker's Dracula

  8. ROMANIANS DONT KNOWN THEIR ORIGINS, i just saw a romanian documentary claiming that romanians decent from the the Thracians ( thay where almost saying that they where complete pure Thracian blood) which its sad and fake, because they are slavs.

    They are, as much, a mixture between what was left of the Thracians and the emigrantslavs.

  9. I'm waiting on my results and my mother was half polish and Romanian and my father is Irish and native American (so he says)

    I love your accent and loved the video. ❤️

  10. Jews own these companies which test DNA so they put all kinds of stuff like jewish, africa,Indian in there.

  11. U have more turkic genes than most of the anatolian turks.

  12. Nice..well you are just a white vampire european ? and you shold be proud of this and your very cute..greetings from Serbia

  13. Ehi ciao ! Interessante il test! Anch’io l’ho fatto ma con la compagnia Living dna e mi hanno fornito anche il mio ydna e il mio mtdna! E tu invece? Te li hanno forniti?!
    Spero che capisci l’italiano! ? in caso contrario lo traduco senza problemi per te

  14. We are in the Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania community. On 23andme it showed up as Ukraine & Slovakia for me. My grandmother's family came from Galicia.

  15. You are 1 % central asian, propably Genghis Khan fucked your grand grand grandmother.

  16. turkish and turkic are not the same thing , west asia is turkish , this tests are just mentioning 200 – 300 years

  17. we have really similar results – only things I didn't have were the Native American and central asian

  18. You dont look like the typical romanian i see here in Denmark. They are usually more tan with dark hair. Im guessing you are from the north western part of romania?

  19. Mongol and Turkic isn`t same thing, Turkic people did assimilate a lot of nations and that`s how they got where they are now, but look at Mongols, they`re living in the small piece of land. Do you think they were as great as were told? And if it had to do with Mongols you should`ve get Asia East, not Central. Which means your ancestors assimilated with Turkic people, not Mongols.

  20. Fascinating video! I am intrigued by the 3% Irish! A guy who is half Kurd, 1/4 Bosniak, 1/4 Georgian/Laz got 1% Irish (I'll post video in next message). It would be amazing if an Irish DNA map of the eastern part of Europe & Caucasus could be established, to learn more about the ultimate origin and migrations of the Irish and Scots peoples.

  21. You had a video about "how to solve the quadratic equation" put that up again, its funny!

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