Role of Technology in "DNA Testing for Genealogy"

Role of Technology in "DNA Testing for Genealogy"

Genealogy is nothing but to trace the family history by means of their lineages. By the method of Genealogy we can get the exact idea of ​​our existence. We can get the history of our family by means of Genealogy. It is also a science by which we can identify the parents of a specific child. We can get exact idea of ​​genes by means of Genealogy. In the year 1875, we came to know the significance of surnames in genetics. George Darwin was famous for his investigation in the above field. DNA testing is also related to our psychology as well as emotion. For example if we find a person getting angry quite often, we will have to test his genes. On testing we would find it in his parent's genes.

Previously we had to wait a long time for DNA testing, but today due to the advancement of technology does not have to wait for long any more. We can get the results on a click of a button. Today, due to the advantage of online medication and treatment, we can register our self on a specific website. We are immediately sent a kit after registering. Then according to the instruction if we perform the operation, we can definitely get the result very quickly. This process saves our time and money. We can also make online payment by our credit card. This way, technology in our medical field has made our work very easy and inexpensive.

Today science and technology went together in a long way. After the research of Genealogy, two types of tests were introduced. The first test was named the mtDNA test. Here both the mother and the child are involved. The method of testing is carried on from mother to the child. Mainly mitochondrial DNA is tested in this process. This test is followed in order to check whether both the individuals have common maternal ancestry or not. Cells of mitochondrial DNA are very easy to test, as it hardly gets mixed up with other cells. This test is also required when even the mother is unaware of her relation with the specified baby.

The name of the other test is Y line test. It can be made use of to verify paternal annestyry. Whether two individuals having identical surnames have common parental lineage are checked by means of Y line test. While the mtDNA test was to check common maternal ancestry between two individuals, this test checks common paternal annesty.

DNA testing can also develop biogeographically ancestry which is used basically to determine the proportion of an individual's ancestry in a specific continent or region.

Source by Paul Mike John