Results Comparison – AncestryDNA vs 23andMe – Genetic DNA Tests

Results Comparison – AncestryDNA vs 23andMe – Genetic DNA Tests

Genetic testing has completed and I have my results from BOTH kits to share! Please note, I did not dive very far into the living relatives portion, as I do not want to show names of people who did not agree to be in this video.

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  1. I want to clarify for the array of people complaining that I called my DNA profile "boring." My father, aunt, and cousins have taken these tests as well, and they had a much more diverse set of results. What I found "boring"/surprising is that my father was only like 17% from the UK, with notable percentages coming from extremely different nationalities. Mine was like "well, all the interesting parts skipped right over me!"

  2. I actually don't think these two tests are that different…each company is just grouping the ethnicities differently. The Iberian Peninsula would go with your celtic backgrounds, for example.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I went with 23 and me before seeing this. BTW, you are hilarious!

  4. Lo unico que ha acertado parecido a sido britanica los demas no se parecen los resultados, creo que esto del adn es un timo

  5. Also you get the My Heritage DNA Test Result to see the difference?

  6. I did heard that a lot of British’s people did visited and lived in India ?? from the 1440s to the 1880s

  7. "Great Britain" means Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) ancestry while "Ireland/Scotland/Wales" means Celtic ancestry.

  8. Celiac Disease is more than "A Gluten Allergy". It's an auto immune disorder.

  9. do you have any queens all kings in you I did on my 23andme dna

  10. Lol they ment ring finger is longer that index not middle

  11. My ex had the Ancestry DNA done and found a half-sister. He had never known his father but he knew there should be other siblings. Funny thing is he saw pics of his father for the first time and he is the spitting image of the man who died of a heart attack many years ago. Sometimes this works.

  12. Ok. Cleared that up for me. I am not a descendant of an ape. How ridiculous.

  13. You are definitely not native. I’m 25% native and I still feel like I need more to say I’m native

  14. Your aunt who is showing up as your cousin, does she share about 900 cms with you? If so, Ancestry DNA has just attached a lady to me in Australia and we share 900 cms, she shares with my mam 1700 cms and 1600cms with my uncle. She is to me a half-aunt and to my mam and uncle,​ she is their half-sibling.

  15. You are a mix between Basque/Iberian, Celt and Germanic. You are the stereotipical western European.

  16. UR opian should show origin from UR in the cradel of civilized nation's at 1% to 8% Origin in As(ian) minor.
    What is .1% Oceanic ? Atlantic or ?
    Do not confuse Asia Minor (Hebrew Israelite Sons of Isaac Saxon ) with the Orient "huge difference"
    The names Orient and Asia were switched after 1945.

  17. Something is confusing me here: at 2:452:55 in your video, you reference Ancestry's DNA Circles, that they show William Jordan as your 6th great-grandfather and that you don't know that name. Instead of my own DNA, I had both mom's and dad's tested, and also both of my in-laws', and in each case, every single DNA Circle listed is for someone listed in my tree: I don't have any DNA Circles for anyone that isn't in my tree. I expected that every DNA Circle that showed up 'had' to be someone in my tree: but if you have a name showing up that's NOT in your tree, that's something I've not seen before. Have you figured out where Jordans might fit into your tree??

  18. I recently went with 23andMe without the healt(, to have a cross reference to my Ancestry one.
    The amount of detail 23 locations of ancestry / et cetera, couldn’t really compare well with Ancestry. As to information obtaining, Ancestry were far clearer and easier to navigate.

    Just my opinion though. 🙂

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