Reading My Ancestry DNA Results! I’ve Been Lied to My Entire Life!

Reading My Ancestry DNA Results! I’ve Been Lied to My Entire Life!

Reading My Ancestry DNA Results! I’ve Been Lied to My Entire Life!
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  1. your dad could still be telling the truth it just wasn't on his mother's side…that's who's dna you inherited being as though your paternal grandfather passed on a Y to your dad.

  2. Black Americans on average are all somewhere between 10-25% European and rarely American Indian. This is a myth that has been propagated not only in the black community, but also in the white American community. Indians rarely miscegenated in the past, it has mostly been within the last 4-6 decades or so that this has changed. Currently, American Indians outbreed at a rate of 69%. This means that within the next 100 yrs, they will have ethnically cleansed themselves and there will no longer be American Indians.

  3. A bunch of my family members took this test and we found out that my grandpa’s mom cheated on his dad and that his did isn’t his biological dad. We were shocked and we are scared to tell my grandpa because we don’t want him to feel bad

  4. my great great grandmother is full indian wonder what it would say about me…………thanks for love guys

  5. The Ancestry we have can often be a result of where our family has its origins!

  6. It's amazing how many Black people believe they have Native American ancestors because that's what they have been told all their life. As it turns out, just as it did in both of your ancestry DNA results, most Black people have Caucasian DNA. I had to have some extensive medical tests done and it included my DNA and everything I had been told was actually true… African, European (Scottish, British, Irish… I have red hair and freckles) and Native American (Cherokee and Choctaw Indian)!

  7. StephandTasha i need advice my problum is there is a homeless lady that i could give her money or get her a appartment i know that money wont last. im thinking the appartment will shelter her for 30 days. but my problum is im 100 percent on a appartment but is that crual because if she cant get help or job to keep it then she back to where she started.i want to help her but dont want to hurt her , understand where im going with this. what do you ladys think

  8. hmm…maybe thats the lie black people came up with (part Indian) back in the day to disguise their light skin if they were raped or had relations with the white man, so they stuck with it.

  9. Back in day If you were half black and half white you were told that you were Indian/Native American or Mexican

  10. Wow, my family has said the same thing that my Grandmother was Native American. I must have a test done. Thanks for sharing your results with us??

  11. I'm wondering why people of European descent are still called "Caucasian"; it's a misnomer that was slapped on people of European origin by some racist German guy in the 18th century. Real Caucasian people come from the Caucasus Mountain region, like Armenians and Georgians. From my perspective, they tend to look more like Arab people, which I suppose makes sense as that region sits between Europe and the Middle East. You'd have thought that we would've done away with these ancient and broad taxonomic racial classifications by now.

  12. Really Steph, lol ?? "and…your not Indian boo boo" ??????

  13. I have to do this because I was told I was a bunch of things which I know is bs the only thing I know for sure is I am BLACK

  14. My mom has red hair and freckles so we assume she has Irish too lol but My mom is white and my dad is black so I always assumed I was 50/50 until I was a lil older I found out my dad moms dad is full blood German so I would love to get some actual percentages lol

  15. #260????gm boos!! Wow????? that chair in the way lol very interesting. Yall make me wana try this. ??? Tfs boos!

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