1. Trump said some black genes carry a disposition for pimping, selling drugs, and rapping white women. Not all, but enough to fill our jails. Trump said that a few weeks ago. WHO WANTS TO BRANDED AS BLACK NOW?

  2. She is closer to a mulatto than a native. Neither even look native so why is the father lying to his daughter? I know you can't go by looks all the time, but the history of Puerto Rico puts Native American blood at the very end not the European, Taino and African. It's more like European, African than Taino if any at all. He must have not had much education, or they're just ignorant (the apple don't fall far from the tree).

  3. I am most proud of my african dna (pr both sides) 35 percent african

  4. who cares if Dominicans and Puerto Ricans deny black roots but I'm proud to be a Hebrew Israelite God's chosen people so I don't worry about who hates as I know the world will hate us in not claim us but that's all cool long as I know I'm chosen by God that's all it matters races claim to be tonight and want to be closer to the edomites I can promise you one thing before it's over with they'll be begging to have and pleading for black blood

  5. I definitely think the daughter has a sort of middle eastern or west Asian look. I think mixed genes scan make race hard to pin point based on appearances.

  6. The girl is more indigenous than Black, and here people try and say the Taino people were dead, that's some bullshit.

  7. Jesse Cartwright you are right, some people in this thread are lost causes and will believe whatever helps them sleep at night. when a 12 year old black kid is gunned down for playing with a toy gun, he must have done something to deserve will always be the response. sad

  8. it's really sad when ignorant Latinos use the n word. those who love themselves do not.

  9. I'm Puerto Rican and proud of it and I'm sorry you have a complex about who you are @ Puerto Rican Arawak. you sound very ignorant and stupid

  10. Something in the water separated us from all other animals

  11. wow that girl is annoying…….a small amount, well fact is honey if you didn't have any african in you, you wouldn't exist end of. Know yourself l!

  12. Love good fathers like that, that's why the kids are adorable.

  13. Hi its ok to be African
    the father saying he does not know where it comes from hmm think slaves 16 %is not a small amount so much for PuertoRican pride all happy and smiles talking about Europe you should know 60 percent of PR test African

  14. The middle eastern comes from the Arab conquest when they conquered Southern Europe

  15. i´m spanish and my resutls are; 59,9 % Iberian Peninsula; 19,8 % british/Irish; 7,5 % Africa North; 6,6 % Ashanazi (european) Jew; 5,2 % Sardinia (Italy) AND my BIGGEST PROUD IIIIIIIIIIIIIS: 1% NIGERIA !!!!!!!

  16. Middle east part is from Spain  most likely. Spain was under Islamic North African rule for 800 years.

  17. Wow he's more black than native? I thought Puert Ricans were equally native and african like his daughter… He has more African than a typical Puerto rican.

  18. Ohh cool I too was born in Saint Luke's Roosevelt in 1976
    & I just found out I was Puerto Rican by doing my DNA, my mom was adopted so I had no idea, also I came out with 16% African (woopwoop)
    7% Native (so I guess Taino )
    And the rest mostly European west with some middle eastern
    Ohh and 7%iberian(Spain )
    Cool to know all of this
    Ohh and my total Europe is 74

  19. the middle easteners/arabs conquored italy , spain and other countries in europe , as well as the mongols from asia – the north africans and souhtern and mid regions ruled over europe too – constant wars – until the russians and norsmen/vikings and scandanavian, norweigen nortic groups kicked in and won back europe for the indigenous caucasian around 1400's – so when you say european – it may have african, mediteranian, middle eastern, asian, mixed in a small percent – there are those that are 99 and 100% white too
    so caucasoid/europid, we describe as white

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