(Puerto Rican) Ancestry DNA Results

(Puerto Rican)  Ancestry DNA Results

Getting a cancer diagnosis made me ask a lot of question about where my family came from, and how did I happen to be Puerto Rican, who was in my DNA. Personally, I find it to be therapeutic, and comical at the same time. This chapter of my life is incredible to say the lease, and I’m embracing the ride



  1. You could put togehter the greek / italian ancestry with the Iberian ancestry- all the portuguese and spanish people have in them at least 15/20% of greek/ italian ancestry, because even before the romans have conquered the Iberian Peninsula the original people who lived here ( Íberos..) had a lot of trade with phoenicians/ greeks and those nations and they had important setllements in Ibéria…so the mixing between the Iberos and greeks/phoenicians is a natural thingh and later with the romans ( who stayed in Iberia for 600/700 years) the same mixing ocurred naturaly…so all portuguese and spanish have a good amount of greek/italian genes in them…

  2. Im puertorican and i got 64% African 28% European 9% Native American ❤

  3. My guess is 60 percent European 25 percent African 15percent naitive American

  4. The scandinavian could be the Irish because the Vikings raided Ireland.

  5. Askenazi Jews are from Europe. In 70 AD, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Jews were scattered all over the world.

  6. What a crock of shit, I took 3 separate DNA test from 3 different companies and they all came back different. Go figure!

  7. Find out what part of Spain your last name is from the haplogroups of northwest spain Galicia and Asturias immigrated north thru the Atlantic coast and populated the British isles including Ireland todays americas white people are basically spanish from like I said before the northwest territories of Spain Galicia and Asturias the DNA reading from the company you chose they do their DNA testing a little different like africa north this people are really arabs and keep anything from Africa together; (23 and me) this company keep Africa north together with the middle east arabs maybe you might wanna try (23 and me ) by the way yo soy parte boricua y yo si me crie en Puerto Rico pero naci en California y una cosa mas you can beat cancer you can do it bro I'm praying for you hermano mio del alma que Dios le bendiga y echa pa'lante?????

  8. Rejoice if you have africa in you via slave trade to the island most likely you are the real Yahoodi by blood. The exile tribes of israel escaped to north central and west africa after 70 ad. Among some of the known are ibo and the so called ladinos were originally yahoodi before they were forced to convert to islam then Christianity. The so called European Jew is a fake jew, they are Khazar converts. They were the chief owners and sellers of slaves. Shalowam!

  9. I notice you talked about being Jewish and the scriptures and the feast days, my last two names are sephardic, so interesting your bringing these things to light as well as the itailan part I had itaians from italy swearing that I was itaian and Jewish people telling me that I was Jewish so did Indians and Arabs, it is really something, I am going to do the test to get the percentage facter, because these people telling me all this, they were right, I just need to get the percentage of each, thanks for your testimonial.

  10. So puerto ricans are Caucasian..lol my son's dad isn't going to be a fan, he says he just a light skinned Puerto Rican. No brother, you're white. He would say, soy boricua, no soy blanco ??. Interestingly when you look at his family, his father is a Caucasian man (light skinned) and the rest of the family varies in skin colour. Amazing.

  11. BORICUAS, WHEN YOU GET A COMMENT BY ONE by THIS TROLLERS, you don't have to answer

  12. to understand the point of biggest surprise: scandinavian invade british and irish island in the middle age so there is a mix of scandinavian in a lot of british and irish also french and italian specificly sicilian. so ussualy if you get british and irish ethnic part you get a part of 1 to 3% scandinavian , the people witch get more than 6 % ( usually around 9%) have an ancester direct coming from sweden or norway in the 19thcentury. jewish part, italian and nord africa part are related to iberian history of occidental arrival in caraibes.
    in puerto rico the mix beetween iberian and native americain people is the base, later addition of british and africain africain direct coming of africa or other local island or africain slave imported by the british from america.
    for the irish part : a lot of americain black people get 60 to 70% part of africain AND 12% of irish. there is an historical explaination to this. when the british arrive in nord america they bring with them irish people witch were their slave at this moment. to build and colonise they needed more slave and organise africain trade. the price of an africain slave was expensive so the british forced irish and africian to reproduced togeither. the metis irish/african knowed suddenly more value for british so a new market had growed in the sale of this metis. to protect the market of the pure africain and their price the british governement do a law to prohibit to sale and organise metis irish/african in 1681. so a lot of black americain or people that get irish 5 to10% in their DNA are issued of this very ancien métis unfortunate population.
    people that get more than 18% irish have a direct irish ancester coming in the 19th century to state because misery in ireland during 2 period of 19th around 1845 and around1900

  13. Spanish speaking people are not native american nor are predominately native American !!! Their ancestor did not come from america they came from Spanish speaking countries like Puerto Rico….. They are a mixer of (3) groups the Spaniards from Spain Spaniard are white, Tiano Indians who were the people who lived on those Islands before white men came and the African . That's their make up. The so called American Indian (the aboriginal people of America are 85% of the melinated people (Black people) here in America the other 15% are the African slaves they bought here. If you are confused of what I'm saying read a little about who Christopher Columbus said was here on this land then know as Turtle Island now know as America he describes Black people being here and the artist that drew the pictures of the people drew Black people some of different complexions but Black people all the same.

  14. The Jew connection maybe when the Jews own the first slave ships from Africa.

  15. Everyone day on my father side is like we have Puerto Rican. So I took the ancestry DNA test and I found out that I'm 6% Italy / Greece and 3% Afican and 12% ireland and 11% Iberian Peninsula. And 0% Native American .

  16. To all the conspiracy theorist when those white people crossed ?? the sea ? on those ships ? they didn’t bring any European women they raped African and Tainos women.

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