1. So then we can safely say that Jennifer's grandparents from Spain were mixed genetically. More then that – Jennifer is genetically a woman of the world!

  2. 65 % native ? wow hey can you check your update results if they change in you ? because i believe you more then 65 % native even tho you high native already .

  3. Your names are Chris Toshiba and Jennifer Lenovo?!!!
    Cool names!

  4. for the young man East Asia is linked with his Native American this most likely means that the Native Americans were the Eastern Asians that came across the Russian – Alaskan land bridge. In the US the Navajo also related to this hapla group. He must remember he carries more of his dad's Y than his moms mitochondrial DNA for the young woman, Azk Jews inhabited Iberia. There is also new evidence that Egyptians migrated to Iberia from Northern Africa.

  5. Why are people so upset with their DNA because your parents DNA can be different from some of the kids people only think about the last 200-500 years Africans had been over areas thousands of year Ago Chinese, Japanese, whites and other cultures have black in them too and it’s amazing the reaction of people. Africans had been over the African continent Europe and Asia especially the Moors before the slave trade ever started learn your history

  6. Before you criticize the guy in this video for thinking he'd have less native american DNA, remember that George Lopez (who looks 100% native american) is over 50% European, according to his DNA test results. So yeah, you never know!

  7. You both look like Filipinos.

  8. Wow what a waste of money we all latin american should know we are native american mixed already i my self wouldn't be surprice i got some chiguagua percentage and some killer mix and a little bit of snake and rats
    From all over europe and we got to admit we are part of europeans.

  9. yeah I'm half frog and half lizard and so what I'm mexican who. gives a few tell me what kind of people we are.

  10. wonder if they will still bash white people since shes almost half white

  11. Would and rhythm you have is from Mexico, we’re indigenous people, people of the drum. God I hate or school system

  12. How’s he surprised? Look at him. God damn were so uninformed, so many of us especially Mexicans have no clue our ancestors were here 20,000+ years.

    This is our shit

  13. I'm still shocked at the level of ignorance most people display today!

  14. lol if you had that high of a native percentage then your dad must be in the 80-90% range which is extremely high for a Mexican. what part of Mexico was he from?

  15. I am filipino
    At my dna ancestry are
    72% south east Asian
    17 % Iberian
    4 % Polynesian
    3% native American
    2%western Europe
    1.7% west african
    0.3 % scandanivian

  16. we know that the Spanish colonized the Philippines 400 years on the way back stop off in Tahiti saw some hula dancers he said I like it get on board going back to aztlan

  17. Ok just to explain she is 17% Iberian which is present day Portugal and Spain. So she isnt 49% Spanish lol

  18. I thought from looking at them that he would be mostly Indian, and she would be mostly European. That's why I was surprised that they were surprised at their results.

  19. Hispanics are the most ignorant of their background. Most Hispanics are actually black (descendants of Africa).

  20. He said he will be part African American. Lol there is no DNA for African America. It’s African you idiot.

  21. Abraham! I wonder if she’s a Mormon?

  22. So much fun watching your video.

    Btw: Chris I can see you and I going out on a date. ?

  23. Most people of Latin America are of Spanish/Portuguese, Native American and African ancestry. You guys have a diverse good mix but the results aren't much of a surprise to me given the history of Latin America.

  24. Why don't any of these Hispanic people on these youtube DNA videos know Iberia is Spain/Portugal? Have they ever cracked open a damn book? Jeez.

  25. Wow.. it’s really surprising how little Latinos from the US know about their heritage, culture and so on. The US made a good job brainwashing them in their education.. you would think they had a little more curiosity knowing their background, specially before taking this test and uploading it for the whole world to see… sardines and mermaids ??‍♂️

  26. Its annoying how they pretty much shit on white ppl being surprised she european just cuz she spanish knowing that is white lol acting disappointed to be majority white lol

  27. Wondering why he said African American lol

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