Our DNA Results | Reality vs. Expectation

Our DNA Results | Reality vs. Expectation

Sharing our DNA test results and how it has changed what we know about our family history!

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  1. Sweet simple vegan. I enjoyed your video. I encourage you to do your own research on this. Genealogy is so wonderful and I hope you take it beyond the DNA kit. I have been a genealogist for over 20 years. It's been a pretty amazing ride.

  2. The French is from the NW corner of Italy. I'm mostly Italian and got 14% French. I'm assuming from my Great grandfather who was from Genoa.

  3. Mine recently updated as well and it became much more refined then it was at first. I find it all so fascinating. I found out Im 100% European
    England, Wales & Northwestern Europe
    Ireland and Scotland
    Eastern Europe and Russia
    Germanic Europe

  4. Wow. I thought I was very heavily german. Turns out that I am 49% IRISH and 36% German! And the rest being British and French! Lol! My husband who knew he would also be heavily German too, was like 40% German, so more than I am! We did 23&Me. Might try the Ancestry test one day, too! Thanks for sharing your info! I think you do look more Chinese than anything, btw!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Only strange part is that she stopped as soon as she got to the African part, although her African parts were more than his Native American 1%. It’s actually from the slave trade in Ecuador.

  6. Cool to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing! (And the finger snapping is fine. 🙂 )

  7. Yeah I saw Portugal in there!!!! ????????

  8. I hope you guys considered the legal and privacy implications from doing these DNA tests – there are a lot of issues with data being sold and used for other purposes, such as health interpretation, as will as with their validity. The ramifications can affect not only yourselves, but anyone related to you (issues of consent there too).

  9. I'm a genealogist
    you do get 50% from each parent.
    It's just that the 50% from each is random.

  10. Spaniards colonized what is now known as Ecuador. Ecuador had to give up land which is now part of Peru.

  11. I love you guys but the damn CLICKING is TOO MUCH! WHY DO YOU DO IT!! PLEASE STOP
    I am subscribed to hundreds of other YouTuber’s and none of them do the irritating clicking/snapping thing you both do

  12. I first was 40% Western European and now I’m 37% Irish Scottish which is more in line with what my half brother told me (I am adopted)

  13. 0:26 made me smile. You are everything girrrrl! #Asineverythiiiing lol I always like to compare to see if maybe couples could map themselves to a possible past life connection with these DNA things…you guys have native american in common…ireland scottish spanish french…verrrry interesting I wonder if that's possible

  14. Hey you guys! Not sure if you compared the two prior to getting your first set of results, but if you did compare, was there a reason you chose Ancestry over the other popular option, 23andMe?

  15. So cool! I want to try the DNA test so badly–the health conditions and ancestry test are also on my list. Hoping I can get them for Christmas!

  16. When I had mine done, I said that if my results came back that I was ANY amount of Irish…?I was going to celebrate EVERY St. Patrick's day! ? I'm 9%.??

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