Our DNA Results Are in!

Our DNA Results Are in!

Hey Guys!!! The video is finally here. We now know what we are down to the T. We got back our Ancestry Dna results. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Welcome to our lives! We are The Curly Cooper’s, a brand new vlogging family, we upload videos of our life together every week! My name is Duana and my husband’s name is Curtis. We have been together for almost 12 years in July. Our life would not be complete without our beautiful children Ia (7), Isaac (5), and Isaiah (2). We keep it real and love spending time together as a family. We love to explore what around us and more. I hope you take this journey called life with us.



  1. It is amazing. He looks just like my father when he was younger. We tested my father and he is 36% African, 50% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6% Iberian Peninsula, 6% Melanesia. Beautiful family.

  2. You should try DNATribes.com to get more specific ETHNOGRAPHIC information for the various ethnic groups and countries.
    Also, the husband should try DNAAncestry.com for the Y-DNA–the patrilineal (male) genetic heritage. They will also give top native matches and also
    give you MATCHES TO YOUR DNA. This will show a better profile of people he is related to for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations and beyond!

  3. Beautiful children.
    Now… It appears that both of you are so called black if being that your fathers and grandfathers are also so called black. If you believe in the creator then you must understand the way he has created the father to be the carrier of the seed and through his bloodline is what his children are. Sorry mothers are to protect and carry the babies in the womb. Yes the child may have some of the mothers triats however according to The Most High the race is determined by the house of the father. Numbers 1:18. Actually the so called blacks, Latinos, and Natives descent are all the same people and are called Israelite. The so called Germans, French, Italians, Spaniards, Brittish, Russian, Dutch, Greeks Allllll so called whites are the same and they are called Edomites. These Bloodlines were given by the creator.. Do the research. For more info. go to TrueNation.org. Nothing can change the TRUTH !

  4. Frickin mammy rammer. Mail in DNA tests are less accurate.

  5. Such a beautiful family…kids are adorable…?from cape town south Africa

  6. Absolutely beautiful family. 🙂

  7. Indians were also under slavery under British rule and a lot of them were brought to Africa, Britain and the Caribean as slaves.
    That is likely where your south Asian DNA is from.

  8. England,Scandinavia,sweden,Austra,Holland,Denmark etc etc are all Germanic speaking peoples so shes not wrong and the test isnt either.
    DNA and ancestry genetics is A LOT more complicated then these money hungry companies let on.

  9. Just accidentally found your channel & not only are you 2 funny, but you are also a beautiful family.

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