Our Ancestry DNA Results!!

Our Ancestry DNA Results!!

What’s inside your OWN DNA??? Go to http://ancestry.com/whatsinside to get 10% off.

Super fun to find out these surprising DNA results. The science behind it is pretty amazing that from a small amount of spit, our DNA can be traced. Think about that for a second….amazing! #science

DNA test results are usually available 6-8 weeks after you ship your saliva sample back to AncestryDNA. You will be notified by email when your results are ready.

Big thanks to Ancestry for sponsoring this video, all comments by us are our own and true.

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  1. Wow, these people need to learn some basic geography.

  2. I’m doing mine and I hope I’ve got some FILIPINO IN ME. My grandpa was born in Manila Philippines ??

  3. Did he know Scandinavia or did he looked in his Mac,huh??

  4. Scandinavia is Sweden, Norway and Denmark! ????????
    I'm from Sweden!

  5. I saw a little bit of west Asian in there, may be they are a little arab

  6. Did you find other ancestors after consulting the golden plates?

  7. DNA is not pure. Humans have any race in their bloods. All come from Africa continent. But… Do the irish considered themselves as irish? or anglosaxon? or as celtics? do celtics considered themselves from another part of the world??? all is a chain. Better describe yourself as american. Culture is more powerful that race. We are homosapiens, not animals.

  8. I thought brothers would have identical results (as long they are from same both parents) apparantely not =/

  9. Im mainly Scandinavian (41%.) Where are my other fellow Scandinavians? My full results:

    10%Europe South
    09%Europe West
    06%Finland/Northwest Russia
    04%Great Britain
    02%Iberian Peninsula
    <1%Native American

    Anyone have similar numbers?

  10. I guess the Scandinavian would come from the fact that the Vikings (From Scandinavia) raided Ireland and 'intermingled' with the local women…

  11. lol yep the 'fill it' bit was the grossest thing ever … took Hubby longer to do it than me though lol

  12. I was inspired by this to purchase the kit but they suddenly began upgrading their systems…few weeks delay. At least I have patience in my DNA.

  13. Every Scandinavian triggered by her explanation of Scandinavia

  14. Europe West = Germany + France + Belgium + Luxembourg + Holland

  15. I did mind with 23 & me and I am 51.8% Iranian 15% Italian and the rest is Ashkenazi Jewish and French

  16. if he knew his wife had iberian in her before he married her… They would not have any kids

  17. That's because female DNA can only be tested on the paternal line. Previously females could not take this test. But now they can, but it only shows half the story

  18. My grandmother did hers and she came back like 16% Jewish and some sort of percent German with a bunch of others I can’t remember, so I guess I’m part Jewish and German ?

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