Our Ancestry DNA Results: Who is More African?

Our Ancestry DNA Results: Who is More African?

Who do you think is more African? The Ethiopian guy or the African-American gal? Watch to find out our Ancestry DNA results.



  1. I’ve learned so much just by reading everyone’s comments. Thank you all for the knowledge. It’s so interesting what we learn in school compared to what actually happened in history.

  2. E Africans always have some Arab in them… considering the proximity that shouldn’t be that surprising. Consider for example Abyssinia’s(modern Ethiopia and Eritrea) ancient ties to Yemen… or consider ancient trade routes between the Arab world and Africa… also the Arab slave trade in particular which definitely effected Ethiopia. In my experience Habesha ppl have 30-40% or more N African or W Asian in them.

  3. No. No no no. “Caucasus” is not “Caucasian”. It’s other regions in the Middle East.

  4. Lol u don’t even know what the African regions are. Also, yes India is Asia. ??‍♀️.

  5. Im really curious, i really wanna know what im mixed with. I know that my mum has Indian in her family and Italian in my dads but the tests have been proven to be not as accurate andddd im not comfortable with giving my own dna to a company who can do gods know what with it.

  6. Judaism, Islam, Christianity and ancient Egypt all started by Eritrean, Ethiopian, Sudan and Somalian history.
    At the time, the name Ethiopia (itopia) was used in Sudan before the new Ethiopia. Ethiopia also have different ethnics, shade and even religions…since we controlled all Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan we were called arabs even before. We are the Original Arabs we were Blacks back then. in case if you don't know about our histories.

  7. Yes most African Americans and Caribbeans are more African than the horners ? lol

  8. 34% South Eastern Bantu? I'm shocked. He must be and descendant of the Bantu slaves.

  9. Don't worry Mish. They do not have a template for the Horners in their system so they label us for the closest DNA to us which are Arabs/middle Eastern. They can only compare us to whoever they have in their system.

  10. I’m Also East African (Somalia) and got 48% Africa Southeastern Bantu 34% Middle East 14% Africa North with low confidence region of 4% Senegal so overall I’m 66% African and 34% Middle Eastern

  11. I was at a wedding with y'all by the Greek Church in Northridge a couple of years ago. Congrats on your marriage.

  12. Ancestry is not a good test to take if you come from Somalia, Eritrea, or Ethiopia! They do not have good sample sizes of that population, if any! Your husband would have had better luck taking the 23andMe or Geno 2.0 test. On those tests, he would be more African and les Middle Eastern. He is probably more African than that test said he is!

  13. Almost all ethiopians r half percentage middle eastern. After i see a lot of that videos, im curious & wanted to do mine

  14. Why do they say whenever an Ethiopian has Arab blood then it's slavery? Arabia is so close to Ethiopia and there was so much trading other than slaves going on. In fact during the Prophet Muhammad's time, 1,400 years ago Muslims escaped persecution from Arabia and moved to Abyssinia (today's Ethiopia) as refugees. So maybe it's not necessary slave trade.

  15. Loving all the dialogue in the comments. I need a cup ☕️ of tea while I read on ? ?❤️?

  16. Most Eriterians and Ethiopians are mixture of Middle East and or North African which gives them a European or Arab phenotype!

  17. According to the ancestery DNA business East Africa and North Africa is now part of the Middle East. This was done for political and historical reasons. Reasons are, Ancient historians (Herodotus, Strabo, Diodorus and Siculus) wrote about East Africans being the founders of the the greatest of all ancient civilizations Kemet later called Egypt, well anthropologist and Egyptologists from the 18th and 19th centuries do not want to credit Africans for any great civilizations.

  18. makes sense as eastern africa and the middle east have been in contact with one another for hundreds of years. Typically, almost everyone from the horn of africa has middle eastern ancestry

  19. If one of you is more black…then where is the other person placed in this competition……..more Asian or something?

  20. The middle Eastern could be from Ancient days and not from the slave trade. In ancient times the Hamitic lived in the middle East they and the descendants of Shem intermarried. Racism only became rampant 500 years ago when Europeans colonised the nations

  21. Although I take these percentages with a grain of salt, this lady's African percentage is a bit higher than I expected, but is fairly close to average for an African American. Very interesting results for your husband. Thanks for sharing.

  22. He should try 23andme. But most East Africans have North African and Middle Eastern' dna. But his results are pretty average for an Ethiopian with Ancestry.

  23. Whoa, My guess was a little off. All in all, you have wonderful results! Congratulations on your combination of results! ?????

  24. southeastern bantu is just a proxy for east africa hes Ethiopian they just dont have enough samples its best to upload his data to myheritage they Ethiopian samples

  25. yall had me cracking up guessing each others breakdown

  26. I've seen these results is most African Americans. Usually, I see about 10% white especially from those that live in the South. But I think all Americans, in general, have a big mixture due to its​ migration history.

  27. Your Creole but do your research you'll figure it out

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