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  2. She is 1% middle eastern! Hehe

  3. To make things even more confusing we must remember that Germans have average only 6.75% German ancestry. They are mostly cocktail of British, common west Europeans, Scandinavians, Baltic, Slavic, Balkan etc…As you see there is not such genetic group as "German".

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  5. i kept watching this video only because of the sexy woman. Cheers

  6. How does your ancestry DNA testing company differentiate Irish from Scottish or other Celtic populations in Europe? DNA testing doesn't have that ability, yet? And, what the heck is Great Britain ethnicity? Is there such a thing or is it something your ancestry DNA testing company made up? I think that you'all have been snookered.

  7. So if you’ve had let’s say 2% NA …. you’d say that where you get your “tans” from ….. lol…. well I’m 45% European… does that make me “white” …. NO!!!

  8. Italians are as white as you girl and probably even whiter ….people stop saying people from Italy and Spain are naturally brown … because they’re fucking not!!! Maybe because due to mixing

  9. Calls of provenance are misleading!
    Let us take France as an example: it is considered to be "west Europe", which means mainly "French and German" (let's forget the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, which are in fact of French-German origin). ) but all this does not reflect the total dna of this country because the people of the south of France often have dna close to that "Iberian" and "Italian" and the people of the region of Brittany (north east of France) will be included in the DNA of the "Great Britain". So, what I want to explain is that a person whose dna is really from France might not understand it with this dna group calling system and this is the same for others. So beware …

  10. I am from Ireland and my family go back a very very long way in history I am 83% Irish west coast Sligo and Mayo 6% UK 5% Scandinavian (Vikings?) 4% Russian/Finnish 2% Western European (Germany France etc..)

  11. everyone has the native american folklore in their genetics and VERY few do.

  12. if you had Native American in you it would show up in your DNA your grandma or who ever sure lied to you about being Native American sorry

  13. Her Family MAY have native Dna it just that she never got any of it. some one else in her family may have some.. who know get the rest of your family done better yet get mom and dad done if you can. aunt uncles grandparents

  14. You need to upload your raw DNA data to GEDmatch. There's a tool you can run that picks up on Native American, which Ancestry testing doesn't pickup on. The tool is Admixture, Eurogenes, K9b. Also, you might match more people, those who tested at other sites than Ancestry.

  15. I know of a guy named Eric Temple. He and I were classmates in school, in Waco Texas. He should be around 64 years old now

  16. finland is not f…. scandinavia, norway sweden denmark is scandinavia

  17. If that's your husband he's hilarious I would love to have him video naira rate some stuff for me

  18. If my sis' conception grabbed more French DNA and mine grabs the Asian that doesn't mean anyone "lied". There you go…

  19. Is anyone concerned with what becomes of your DNA sample after you send it in and they finish the testing?

  20. lame-o.. Ancestry offers a wealth of information. I have no idea what this dude wanted for $100.00. Anyways, for free you can upload your raw dna data from ancestry to gedmatch, dnaland and wegene…just to receive a comparsions of your ancestry results.

  21. I find it weird that Great Britain is lumped all together where Highlanders and Welsh have more in common with Irish where lowlanders and English have more in common with our Germanic brethren in Friesland, Germany and Scandinavia.

  22. she could not be lying on the native american part. My grandmother was cherokee but I did not get any of the gene, my sister did but i did not.

  23. western europe is German so you are alittle of all of them. lol Mine came in almost like yours but mine was 33% western europe

  24. I just started building my family tree. I live in Canada but have traced my family all the way back to the year 1735 in Bedford, County of Bedfordshire, England. Cool stuff. I think I will do the DNA thing as I always thought I was also Irish and Scottish but haven't found anyone from there yet.

  25. Why would I pay a hundred bucks to find out I'm white? All I need to do is look in the mirror. ?

  26. Dark skin comes from all around the world , I'm very interested in doing this.

  27. Early settlers of New York. NOT Ellis Island, that is LATE settlers.

  28. You guys are being pretty harsh on this test. They wouldn't be able to discern between different German nationalities – like Swiss, Austrian, Luxembourg ect. With more testing/samples they may be able to tell Genetic communities apart – Ancestry is pretty good at that, proving there is some accuracy in these results. Ancestry is best at breaking down west African and western European DNA. They just don't have the samples to break down East Europe, or Asia. Even then, there is still a lot of similarity so they may never be able to distinguish every group. Borders are man made and genetics don't conform to them.

  29. u don't got dark skin lol its called a tan wen u go outside u get a tan. yelp.

  30. "it's not a first cousin" Welp, you don't know that.

  31. DNA is not distributed equally. You get 50% from each parent but the percentage of heritage from different place is not distributed equally. You NA not showing could be due to the way you received your DNA. Also, in the late 1809's there were people who paid $5 per person to get on the Sawed Roll for land and money. There are plenty reasons why your NA heritage is not showing but the most likely answer is you have no native heritage or your native ancestor is farther down the line than first thought.

  32. How far back does it go though? On my mom’s side, her father’s grandma was half-black/half-spaniard. And my mom’s father’s mother is mixed by a few times with black (maybe one of her great grandparents were black). And also on my dad’s side, his dad has curled hair, but kinda looks Native American. So wat could my genetic makeup be. (Btw, I’m Cuban, so mix of African, Spaniard, and Native American is extremely expected).

  33. 1. Not everyone came in through Ellis Island.
    2. Your DNA is not representative of your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents.
    Our DNA leaves marks for thousands and millions of years or more.

  34. You do not get your dark skin from the Spanish people because Spanish people are really white try going to Spain sometime

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