OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ? !!! My Ancestry DNA Results

OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ? !!! My Ancestry DNA Results

My Ancestry DNA results is here, and I can’t believe what’s in my DNA. If you like this video than subscribe.

Intro created by Dope Motions:

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  1. You wouldn't think that there is 14% European in you because you look African. So that means that 1 of your great great grandparents was white. I must say that you are a handsome guy.

  2. That was amazing results, I had no idea that the test could break down the geographical area so precise. Thanks for posting. That was incredible.

  3. .40min…..Congo by shape of the face chin/cheek-bones ratio? i aint psychic…there was a Latino girl a couple of days ago with same shape face who turned out to be from Congo

  4. "irish" can be welsh scottish,english etc not just ireland remember to read the also found in parts.

  5. my highest is Nigeria 64% I got 1% south central hunter gatherer s too oh and 93% Africa the 7% left is Europe Cool results and great video.

  6. That's interesting African north? I'm waiting for my results .

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