1. North Africa – Middle East such as Egypt being in North Africa and the Middle East

  2. Nice video Alyssa! I am also Nicaraguan. My DNA breakdown was similar to yours but had a little more Native. I only had 20% from Iberian peninsula and south Europe, but also had 20% England and Ireland. I addition had 7% North Africa and Sub Saharan African. Tienes razon no hay muchos Nicas haciendo estos tests. De que parte de Nicaragua es tu familia?

  3. Your results by continent:
    46% European
    41% Native American
    11% African
    1% Asian
    1% Pacific Islander ??

  4. North Africans are not Black! Do your research before you posts your results!

  5. Im Salvadoran but pretty much got the same results lol except my highest European percentage was British instead for your Italy/Greece. I was surprised too because like you my Iberian was low compared to British DNA. Clearly someone in my family had an affair with a British man lol.

  6. The Moors from Africa ruled Spain from 711-1492. That can explain the African DNA.

  7. Don't fully believe your Ancestry DNA results. Especially, your Southern Europe. Ancestry is in fact very inaccurate. Fortunately, you will get an update at some point and you will see in time that most of that is actually Iberian DNA. Regardless, of the history in Spain.

  8. Soon they’re gonna be releasing an update to make the results more specific, even the Native American, not by much for the Native American, but they’re trying lol
    Cause it’s hard to trace back native tribes

  9. Nice results. You are right the Southern European and North African probably comes via the Spaniards. My is Nicaraguan and took ancestrydna and got similar results 🙂

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