1. OMG! How can the black lady have no idea what part of Africa her ancestors came from the whole world knows most of the transatlantic slaves came from West Africa. Where did she get her education???

  2. All black people come from Nigeria?… There are more Black people in Nigeria than the US & Brazil combined lol

  3. the black lady has european…like most black people. I wonder why they brushed past that.

  4. “Have you ever heard about your ancestors from Nigeria?” Seriously? ?

  5. hmmm. Matt and Lisa are romani gypsy, with Julie having lesser gypsy, due to the simple fact all dna test firms never tell their customers they are part romani, they couch the results as folks coming from a broader geographic area which contains a large % of romani gypsies. The closer a family origin comes to the Med Sea, the higher the % of romani gypsy, same for east europe/balkans and slavs where there are huge romani populations. The UK is saturated with romani from all over the world.

    When I was stationed there in early 60's, a big chunk of the working class population looked … and behaved…like romani. The Irish have a large gypsy segment called the Travellers and Tinkers. So, to go solely by a dna test without also meeting the folks you are dna related to is a crap shoot.

    It would be nice if ancestry which is owned and operated by the mormons would be more honest and ethical and give the real dna, instead of nebulous clusters, which encompasses many cultures.

  6. 54% other regions is a lot. The majority of her ancestry, actually. They should have shown at least some of those regions. I guess they were limited by time.

  7. only 1 the first one showed her complete results . trust me trace regions are not always noise . In some cases there just going way back . I 'M sure the excuse will be .We didn't show our complete results because of time restraints . Or other reasons . hell just share em . Like me 37% Great Britain 27% Europe south (Sicily 15% east European 9% west European ..trace region – 4% Irish Scottish and Welsh 2% Iberian 2% Scandinavian 3% west Asian and <.1 European Jewish

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